LDG Forging the Hammer

Noah over at Eigthinch emailed me with the video of a Butcher Build.
Sweet short video.

Nate over at Livery Design Gurppe sent me over a awesome and interesting email.
The LDG freestyle frame has been seen being ridden and tested by Jacob Santos.

Heres some images and details of the LDG Hammer.

I love this top tube gusset detail:

Details Summary:
• Negative BB Drop
• Investment Casted Dropouts with CNC Ball Adjusters
• Gusseted Chainstay
• Top Tube & Down Tube Gusseted
• Mid BB
• Integrated Head Tube
• Full CNC Head Tube & Bottom Bracket
• Rolled tubing on seat tube
• 14mm Front & Rear Dropouts
• 60c + Tire Clearance

Additional Details:
• Price: $399
• Estimated Release Date: 04.20.2011
• Sizes: Small,
Medium, Large (Geometry to come in our next blog post)
• Colors: Raw, Matte Black, Drab Green

Head over to LDG to read the everything Nate has to say about the frame.

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  1. Kevin March 31, 2011 at 8:20 pm - Reply

    Looks like LDG kills it once again.

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