Stokes On Fixed Bikes – Issue 5

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paralympic Track Cycling

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Track cycling is pretty intense but imagine how difficult it would be to ride a bike with a limb missing. I came accross these photos whilst reading up on the paralympic games and was just [...]


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Mash brought back their first ever kit, which happens to be one of my favourite out there. Head over to their blog for more photos and details.

Ride your Bike More

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I can truly endorse these tyres, 25c on the Brooklyn, 23c on the Leader and a 25c folder at the bottom of my bag on long rides. The best wearing tyre i've found to date. [...]

Happy Snaps.

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I don't know the story or the provenance behind either of these photos but they worked for me. Shamelessly stolen from someones facebook. If you can shed any light comment below, if not enjoy!

Full Frame Collective

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which in turn means a whole lot of goodies for our viewing pleasure. Really enjoying sites of this ilk at the moment including Recfail. Full Frame Collective gives a nice portrait of Chas from Mash. [...]