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29 Jun



Good Luck Wiggo!!!

June 29, 2012 | By | 4 Comments


  1. Thanks for that Rudy!! T shirts available at my site 🙂

  2. Is the ‘Wiggo – in mod we trust’ artwork on this page sold out? Did it ever feature on a tee? Great if it was/is. (BTW, the above link is dead.)

    David, I really like your style of art. How do I get in touch to discuss the possibility of you doing some design work for my own, soon to be (re)launched site – for an open source watch project. (I couldn’t find contact or blog page on your site.) You can reach me at ‘info at’ before my domain name. Cheers!

    Rudy – Many thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Rudy

    Thanks a lot for the heads up David. I normally post the artist’s name, but didn’t know in this case. Great work man.

  4. Hi this is my work, and I would really appreciate it if you could include my website or reblog it from my Tumblr rather than whoever pedalare is. Can you post this instead?

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