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21 Aug


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Riding the boards – Matthew Stone

August 21, 2012 | By | No Comments

I happened to go the the Graduate exhibition few months back and bumped into these great photos that Matthew Stone took for his final year project, took his business card with the intention of contact him then, the day after I actually met him at BrickLaneBikes and had a nice chat with him about the project. His photos like his other works are great, check them out here.

“Riding the Boards is an observational project, that surveys cycle velodromes across the United Kingdom. The series contains detailed observations of trace and memory from a cycling outlook. The curves on the circuit observed describe a velodrome in an indexical state, the corners, the banking, the lines, are the vital parts in the description of a Velodrome track. My passion for cycling has fuelled this body of work, paired with using a 10×8” large format view camera. The track has a memory, the marks left on the surface; tracing imprints. Yet, the images are empty of human presence, allowing the viewer to experience indirectly the same contemplative space I encounter in my relationship with cycling.”

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