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07 Sep



Is this the future London?

September 7, 2012 | By | 4 Comments


  1. George

    I don’t think cycling is for free – at least if you take it serious and get hooked on buying new stuff every now and then. It will take a few months till I break-even with a number of monthly travel cards I could have purchased instead. Anyway, I love it – so worth every penny. In regards to Boris latest idea – I don’t mind, if I don’t like it I don’t have to use it. For others who feel annoyed by the traffic they can use it as long as they are happy to spend a quid on it. My previous partner does not cycle cos she is scared of buses, black cabs etc. but she enjoys a ride every now and then in the park and the Barclays highways. So it’s a good way for her to get from A to B whilst keeping fit. Obviously for free would be preferable – but the money to fund all those projects must come from somewhere….

  2. mirko

    The Idea is brilliant. Still don’t know if the charge of 1pound is applicable to the philosopy of the bicycle, but Immagine if such a sky ride could eliminate half the cars of london. I would say definitely yes!

  3. Abu ismail

    It looks whack, and, it takes the idea of seeing your city and really experiencing what it’s like to cycle in town.

  4. Neirin

    Big no from me.

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