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05 Nov



Condor Bivio-X and My Cyclo-cross experience

November 5, 2012 | By | 6 Comments

For the last few months I wanted to give Cyclo Cross a go. Luckily enough I had the opportunity to do so on a Condor Bivio-X bike. I was able to race 1 event on the Bivio-X at Herne Hill, which I got second on the support race, I absolutely loved it. I really enjoyed how technical cross is, and it is not about being the strongest/faster rider, it is about knowing how to handle the bike throughout the whole course. I am not a cross expert, these are just my thoughts from my experience. I also enjoyed the adrenaline I had while racing and the fact that I was always thinking about the next turn, bump, steps or barriers, so I could take the best line or unclip at the right time.
Lets not forget, one of the best things about CX is the atmosphere at all the races. The races are really fun to watch and take part in, even though it is serious it feels more relaxed. My experience has made me really want to get stuck in next season. Make sure to click the image above or below to see more photos of the bike I used and to read some points about CX bikes and the Condor Bivio-X.

I have learned that Cross bikes have a shorted top tube and slightly taller headtubes to give you more control and changes your centre of balance. The bottom bracket is higher to avoid hitting roots, the top tube is rolled to help carry the bike on your shoulder and the cables are internal on the top tube to keep the muck away from them. The Bivio-X, is an aluminium frame with a carbon fork, disc and canti-brake compatible, just like all Condor cross bikes. It has the same geometry as the model above (Terra-X), except the Terra-X has a scandium downtube, lighter fork and no bottle mounts (for racing purposes). The bike is hand built in Italy just like all Condor bikes, it also has mudguards and bottle mounts if you want to use the bike for winter training or to ride all season. Head over to Condor’s Bivio-X product page if you want to find out more about the bike. I found the bike that I used for a few weeks really comfortable to ride on, the set up was right for me and the geometry felt good.


  1. Samm

    Good times..How were the Discs. Belgium next stop World championship the One to watch Beers,Bikes, Bells =50000 Flemish going nuts for a Bike Race.

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