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24 Nov


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Coco- Nuts?

November 24, 2012 | By | No Comments

Sustenance pre, during and post become one of those things that is questionable how much of it is based on reasoning and how much on habit for me
If I don’t have a precise cocktail of nibbles in my right hand jersey pocket or unexpectedly have to change my breakfast routine pre-ride because there’s no milk it allows a demon of self doubt to come creeping into my head.

So.. when it was suggested to me that coconut water be introduced I was hesitant. I mean this is a beverage best served with rum or replacing the POM juice from the latest fad super food shelf right?

Ride Brooklyn are currently supported by Vita Coco so I was happy give it a go.
Just as I’m sure the habit has a bigger impact on me than the contents i consume I’m not entirely sure what the nutritional effects of coconut water have been for me. What I have noticed though is that it stops me reaching for a coke post ride which can only be a good thing; and is much more nourishing physically and mentally than plain water so for now its slotting into my routine.

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