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09 May


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Bike Camping 2016 Kick off Trip

May 9, 2016 | By | No Comments

An ideal early spring forecast as well as a birthday to celebrate, shop Don, pharmacist
Julia, Lukasz, Ben and I headed to Steeprock Association in Washington Connecticut, a 2,700 acre land preserve with miles of multi-use trails and a few camp-sites.

With only about 40 miles to travel on the first day, we took our time on the scenic dirt roads, winding past historic houses and farms.  After a few failed attempts at luring in some horses with some apples and one questionably successful attempt at moving a huge snapping turtle from the road, we pulled into camp.

Tents pitched and bags dropped we headed to explore the park.  Racing through the pitch black tunnel and picking up some singletrack on the other side quickly had us climbing up over the tunnel we just passed through, shooting us straight into a network of miles of doubletrack.

Day two brought more amazing roads, cutting through western Connecticut on a number of dirt climbs and descents.  Finishing the ride at Southeast, we sat at the train station, beer in hand grinning at one another thinking of the adventure we had just completed.  With a few more beers down and a two hour train ride back to Grand Central, conversation quickly turned to planning that next weekend adventure within reach on New York City on bicycle.

Words: Seth Holmes
Images: Donalrey

24 Mar


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5th Kamp 2016: Words & Photos by Don

March 24, 2016 | By | No Comments

5th Kamp, visit web so attributed its K as its been hosted by team member Koblov at his Kasa since its inception is now firmly a tradition. Don absolutely captured the spirit this year and 2016 will surely go down in the books as a vintage. Check out Don’s post here and follow #5thkamp2016 for many more images.

One of the things I look forward to every year is our team training camp. Teammate and friend, Nik, graciously hosts a few of us at his Kasa in the Catksill Mountains. There are a few things that are given every year during camp: The riding is exceptionally good and you’ll eventually hit a dirt road somewhere along the ride. There’s a lot of climbing. Although not particularly long climbs, they are definitely steep. Lastly and probably the most important thing is the food is always phenomenal. And with a few beer nerds on the team, the drink selection is always on point.

We’ve been riding the past couple of days with the second day being the most brutal at 64.7 miles with 6,729 ft of climbing. There was a 20% dirt climb in there somewhere if my legs remembers correctly. I was off the saddle on the last day and hopped in the van with Seth to take some photos.


Until Next Year…

16 Mar


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First Day at School: Grants Tomb. Pictures by Don

March 16, 2016 | By | No Comments

Grants Tomb truly is like the first day of school, for sale it might not be technically the first available race of the NYC season but its THE first race of the year.

Hands are shaken with new and old adversaries, cialis 40mg lies are told about how little training you did as everyone tries to play down the job at hand. New toys are inspected, ampoule probed and given the lift test.

Basked in sunshine and with a whistle time of 12.50 pm it truly felt like road had arrived.

Eager to ride the wave of team morale from last weeks Branchbrook we went into the 3-4  race mob handed; which is just as well since odds of one of us being taken out in a jostling fast crit were high (I was that team member and ever so thankful I’d left the vias at home for one last run out on the green machine)

Pino and newest recruit Lightman brought us home a double podium taking 2nd and 3rd respectively. Placing a stake in the ground for the #5thnyc intentions for this year midst our peers; now is that pressure added or lifted?


11 Mar


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Ode to The Season.

March 11, 2016 | By | No Comments

3 years ago I raced and won my first ever road race and it barely even registered…
Having arrived in the US in July 2012, medical 2013 was to be my first road race season having acquired my first road bike on a credit after years of track, cialis sale MTB and  BMX.

I joined a local team; flying the 5th colors on the track, find but racing for Ride Brooklyn on the road. I was mentored by a an incredibly well respected and helluva fast gent by the name of Al Barouh of Red Hook Crit fame who remains my friend and riding buddy to this day.

He’s there in the background cheering me through my first but the final sprint after dealing with all my “… but what if’s…?” on the drive to NJ.

I had never raced that circuit since… Until Saturday where myself, Angelo, Ryan, Pino and new guy Lightman making the full Cat 3 squad headed into our first Pro1,2,3 race of the season; and for a few of us including me our first race in that category.

There’s much to be said for fielding numbers in a race not for tactics nor odds of results but from the sheer fun and energy that comes from seeing your mates in your colors in the pack and sharing the stoke, stories and maple syrup afterwards.

Much has changed but you never forget your first, or your first again.

Here’s to the season.



Oh and I came 10th.
Photos: Angelo

23 Feb


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Une Plus Mite

February 23, 2016 | By | No Comments


13.00 – Sign on
13.05 – 14:00 Warm up
14.10 – Racing commences

1 – Youth C/D 4 lap scratch (Omnium)
2 – Youth A/B 8 lap scratch (Omnium)
3 – 8 lap warm-up scratch – W
4 – 8 lap warm-up scratch – B
5 – 10 lap warm-up scratch – A
6 – Youth C/D 6 lap points (points every 2 laps) (Omnium)
7 – Youth A/B 10 lap points (points every 2 laps) (Omnium)
8 – Elimination – W
9 – Elimination – B

10 – Elimination – A
11 – Youth C/D Elimination (Omnium)
12 – Youth A/B Elimination (Omnium)
13 – 10 lap points – W
14 – 12 lap points – B
15 – 15 lap points – A
16 – 20 lap scratch – B&W
17 – 20k scratch – A

17.40 – Racing finishes
18.00 – Presentations
18.30 – Canopy Brewery for recovery beers

“I quit.” Sitting on a plane to the south of France, abortion
a lump of anxiety slowly metabolized into my legs. Two days earlier, I put the wheels of change into motion to leave my job, leave my friends, leave New York, leave my country, leave the safety of everything I know. Why? This. Riding here, working here, making a life here.

Anyone who has been to this part of the world immediately understand its intoxication. The food, the roads, the Provençal life, that Provençal light. Attracting moths like Van Gogh, Cézanne and Picasso. Our heroes and villains live, train and do battle every July here. The car genuflects, and my rosé is always in season.

Is the grass always greener, is this escapism? Yes, except the grass is deep lavender, the Côte IS Azurier, and “Escape from Provence” is surely a Kurt Russell comedy.


22 Feb


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Don Storm King

February 22, 2016 | By | No Comments

We’re hugely excited to kick off Herne Hill’s Open Season on Saturday April 1st with our second ever #5thTrackDay.

Last year was an absolute blast with some great racing in all categories, therapy loud cheers from the sidelines and with the

Workshop Coffee will again be serving up caffeine fixes, website like this Bianca Road Brew Co have the beers covered and our very own Alec Pedaler will be banging out the tunes.

So no excuses, come down to race, drink, watch and cheer.

Over the past few weeks winter finally caught up here in NYC giving us a massive snowstorm and temperatures dropping well below 0°F.  So when the weather finally warmed up last weekend we happily traded our deep winter gear for arm and leg warmers.  A few of us rolled all the way up to Storm King Mountain, about it
one of my favorite stretch of road around NYC.  Its sweeping view of the Hudson Valley is quite unreal.  To make it even better they had closed off the road to traffic due to landslides.  This only meant we had he whole mountain all to ourselves!  A perfect weekend to go along the perfect weather.

Words and Images




12 Jan


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LAyover: words & images by Angelo

January 12, 2016 | By | No Comments

Here’s a fun fact: In 2013, click
a group of friends decided to take a trip to Los Angeles together with the sole purpose to ride bikes around, up, and down the city of angels. In 2014, this same group of friends became the “founding fathers of the Fifth Floor NYC.” Cute story yea? I mention this because every time I go to L.A., I can’t help but remember the initial on-the-bike experiences I shared with the squad.  And sadly, no matter how much of a blast I have every time I visit, it’s never going to compare to that first trip, with the homies – and I’m okay with that.

17 Dec


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Super Duper Cross 2015, Photos by Don

December 17, 2015 | By | No Comments

Super Cross is defined through the years by its weather, page ‘remember that year when…’

This year was to be no different. After a dry and temperate season we were treated to the first truly muddy race of the year.

With late November cross fatigue setting in for many the sudden need to tune into a mud race was a shock to the system.
My own season feeling like it was just hitting some kind of Rhythm and the inclusion of a late in the day 3/4 race which often takes a back seat to the 2/3/4 I saw the opportunity to take away something.

Ryan was kind enough to wait around after his own race that was cut short by one too many hard slams on a challenging course that favored the initial brave and then became about attrition as those around succumbed to the mud.

My race however was to take on a rather different character, being a rather trim 26 minutes in the face of a dipping sun it was all out from the gun after leading for a portion I crossed the race in 5th with 1 upgrade point and the #davecave ensued.

After spending almost double the race time cleaning the bikes day 2 would see myself, Seth and Ryan in the 2/3/4 race under the scrutiny of Don’s lens. Ryan rounded out an incredible season with 9th.

None of us had planned for this to be the last race of our 2016 Cyclocross assault but the rigors of the weekend represented a natural bookend to collectively our most successful campaign thus far.

so….. #roadiscoming ?

2014, 2013 reports can be read here.

Thanks to Don for the images.