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13 Nov


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Cross Collages By Johnny Hsu

November 13, 2014 | By | One Comment

Johhny put together these incredible graphic/photo cyclocross collages together as an instagram series.

01 May


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The 5th Floor NYC Team Icons

May 1, 2014 | By | One Comment

Johnny of HSUPER designed our team Icons in his own unique style to represent The 5th Floor NYC in a more relaxed way than formal team portraits. Expect to see these on the riders bios that will launch on the team section of the site soon, for now try and work out whose who.


16 Jan


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Simon Roy X The 5th Floor

January 16, 2014 | By | No Comments

Artist and Illustrator Simon Roy was kind enough to hand furnish our team pages with these new incredible landing images. We caught up with Simon to find out about his journey and relationship with cycling;

I am from Montreal Canada, I am not a professional artist but I have been drawing my whole life. I have been a runner for a couple of years before I turned to cycling and I am very happy I did. When I was younger I was always drawing stuff (cars, clothing, shoes etc..) my dad was a cyclist but I never was interested to it. I started to post drawings on instagram for the #oneoftheseplease contest from rapha. I was impressed to see how much people liked my art and I won the contest. Some people even asked me if they could buy prints of my drawings. I cant believe it.

11 Oct


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Grand boucle

October 11, 2013 | By | No Comments


I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Chris and Dolly, the guys from Grand Boucle, when they were in London few months back and I have to say, their prints are very very well made, curated to the smallest detail.
Have a look at more designs here.

09 Oct


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Forever bicycles – by Ai weiwei

October 9, 2013 | By | No Comments

The more and more famous chinese artist Ai Weiwei hasrecreated his stunning Forever Bicycles installation in the center of Nathan Phillips Square as part of the Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.
The gigantic installation measures 100 by 30 feet and features over 3.000 bicycles and will be on show until the 27 October, so if you’re in Toronto make sure you head down.

via HUH.

20 Sep


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Death Spray Custom pop up shop

September 20, 2013 | By | No Comments

The DSC online store is now open. Don’t miss out and get your goodies here. They go FAST!

24 Aug


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Life in Minature.

August 24, 2013 | By | No Comments

We recently teamed up with the very talented ‘Rowley Rides’ on a minature peloton of our good selves.
Full photos coming on completion perhaps with a Guess Who competition.

We love to hear the story behind the products, and here is Rowley’s;

I saw an article in Rouleur magazine that featured small metal cycling figures that have been popular in France for many years and played with as part of a game using marbles and sculpted cycle courses in the sand. After tracking down some painted figures in online stores I decided I could probably do a better job myself so did a bit of research to find the manufacturer of the figures. I eventually tracked them down to a small forgery near Paris that had been making these small zinc cyclist figures since the 1930’s. 
I bit the bullet and ordered 30 with the idea to build a small peloton of my own and gift some to my cycling buddies. It seemed the perfect hobby one that combined my long standing obsession with all things bike and my rekindled interest in art. 
My first attempts were Rapha styled and a few classics such as Merckx and Coppi and it wasn’t long before I had exhausted my immediate circle of friends so decided to put a couple on eBay. Surprisingly they sold well and so developed a little side line that kept me away from the telly on a winters night and helped me buy bike bits! Result. 
As time has passed to keep things fresh I have tackled more detailed figures and my techniques and finish has improved. At the same time the quality of the figures moulds has improved. When I first started buying them they needed a lot of prepping and tidying up with small metal files before any painting could take place and the facial features resembled somebody suffering from Bells Palsy but recently they are much improved requiring much less work before slapping on the paint. 
Of late I have started doing female cyclists adding hair moulded from Milliput and softening the facial features a little. I Have also started adding accessories such as sunglasses and moulding bases for them to stand on as well as putting mud effects on cross riders etc. All this keeps it fresh and stimulating for me and tackling excitingly styled race kits and bikes by such forward thinking companies such as Ritte makes the process challenging and rewarding. They may not be as detailed as some of the figures that use decals of the full array of sponsors on each team jersey but I wanted to stay true to the tradition of the hand painted cyclist figure.
Instagram has proved a very useful tool in making people aware of what I do and I am chuffed to know that some of my modest little efforts are now on desks and mantel pieces in various parts of the world. As of yet though I have still failed to build my own mini peloton in fact I haven’t kept any I have painted for myself.

30 Jul


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5th Floor X Sam Dunn Print: Now Available

July 30, 2013 | By | No Comments

We’ve been stalling on this for no other reason than we’ve been out riding our bikes… but the Sam Dunn collaborative print is now available over on the web-store. 25 only.

5th Floor Deer print-ready visual

10 Jul


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The 5th Floor: New Prints from Sam Dunn & Ant Oram

July 10, 2013 | By | No Comments

Continuing our endeavors to work with local artisans and our love for a good print we’re releasing two new prints to The 5th Store.

In the first we continue our collaborative work with illustrator Sam Dunn who produced our tin mugs. Sam’s style is so unique we literally gave her a blank canvas. Sam attributed us a Stag as our spirit animal and gave a nod to each of our current locations in Glasgow, London and NYC.

Sam Dunn Print 1

Sam Dunn Print 4


Once again we worked with Ant Oram on a 5th colorway of his Velodrome print, reflecting our view as riders he flipped the perspective to show the continuous left that we all face. Signed and numbered.
5th Track 1

5th Track 4


Both prints will be available exclusively at the Vulpine Fete on the 14th July and if any remain will be offered up on The 5th Store straight after.

As always these were lovingly hand screened by the good people of Whiteduck.



06 Jun


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The Rules: Now even clearer

June 6, 2013 | By | No Comments

Chris Brown (not that one) has done a great job in translating the Velominati rules into various graphic and digital formats. We also love the collaboration with local favourites (il) Soigneur