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#incrediblycross by Alex Blomeley

November 16, 2015 | By | No Comments

I started the day with a hangover so I went and raced cross in a field with my friends and gave myself another one. It was worth it though because Incredibly Cross.
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03 Nov


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On The Bubblecross

November 3, 2015 | By | No Comments

Bubblecross was a bit of a turning point in the #5thnyc 2015 calendar. It marked the first ever race in the elites by Chris Pino and with another top step at Bubblecross saw Ryan (despite losing his saddle) join him on the receipt of a UCI license for next weekends Cycle Smart in Massachusetts.

Photos by Krys Blakemore of This Team Saves Lives.
Sand Pit Photo: Rich Soffar

Slide 5: Cycling Pictures

Rapha Super Cross Round 1 and 2

October 26, 2015 | By | No Comments

Click read more below for Rapha Super Cross words by Rudy Melo and photos by Jon Baines. Read More

19 Oct


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HPCX & West Chester CX weekend: Photos by Johhny Hsu

October 19, 2015 | By | No Comments

HPCX and West Chester Cross saw the #5thnyc run its deepest field yet in Cyclocross.

Saturday at HPCX there were 5 of there with 3 racing. Marks enthusiasm and new found love for Cyclocross would see him  ‘do the double’ in the 4/5 and then 3/4 race on Saturday, while myself, Rich and Ryan would also be staging for the 3/4; Ryan breaking free from the vice grip of work to get in his first race weekend of the season, Rich continues to astound modern medicine by strapping a downhill pad (the very discipline that caused the injury) over his recently broken arm. Chris opted out of racing Saturday after the change of seasons has brought a sickness that’s infiltrated the ranks while Johnny would be documenting the antics.

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07 Oct


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October 7, 2015 | By | No Comments

There’s little more I can add to what we’ve already said in the past about Gloucester.

2014 report here
2013 report here

This was our third year there as a team and perhaps the only word I can use is consistent…

Consistently dry and dusty, if perhaps even more so this time round
Consistently overwhelming in terms of the scale of big team presence and field sizesConsistently more of a vacation with a race in the middle than any other event.

Race Photos: Johnny Hsu
Real Life Photos: Chris Pino



07 Oct


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London CX League Herne Hill by J.Baines

October 7, 2015 | By | No Comments

Sunday was the first cyclocross race of the 2015/2016 London CX League for myself and Alex Blomeley. I have a feeling it was the last day of summer, the sun was out, was nice and warm, dry race, etc. I believe it will be a mud fest from now on. #CrossIsHere.

Photographer and friend Jon Baines was there with us and as usual captured some great shots. Click more below for the full set.

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04 Oct


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DO you even Cylocross bro? Words by Mark Hagan

October 4, 2015 | By | No Comments

Excuses are like assholes, everyone has one. When it comes to Cyclocross, no one has more assholes, uh, excuses than me.

-I don’t have a bike.

-I don’t feel comfortable borrowing.

-I don’t like cleaning bikes.

-I don’t have the time.

-I don’t have the skills.

-I don’t have the money.

-I don’t like falling.

-I don’t like getting back on.

-I don’t know how to get back on.

-I don’t have a ride.

-I don’t know the rules.

-I don’t have the build for it.

-I would rather ride my other bike.

-I’m not fast enough.

-I’m not strong enough.

-I’m too old for this shit, Riggs.


-I don’t like CROSS!

So rehearsed I became with each of these excuses over the years, I no longer had to think about which response applied to the interrogation I faced every September.

One by one, each excuse sounded emptier with every gravel adventure sought out. Call it a midlife bike crisis, or caving to peer pressure, or finally acknowledging the elephant (or Hippo) in the room, but I needed to race Cyclocross!

So I found a bike, found a ride, and found a race. The first annual Hippo Cross(ing) in rural New Jersey seemed the perfect setting to be indoctrinated.

With the support of friends and teammate Seth, I rattled my way through the lumpy circuit for 35 minutes. My heart, most likely visible through the skin-suit, was being punished like never before. It was the closest I’ve come to passing out on a bike, and I still had 4 more laps.

Somewhere in between watching the fat bike races and 60 year old grandmothers hop over barricades, something clicked. A beer in hand at 11am and barbecue sauce under my fingernails, I came to terms with all but one of my excuses. While all were rooted in some kind of truth, the last one was a lie.

I don’t like cross, I love it.

What’s your excuse?


27 Feb


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Rudy and Alex Cyclocross Bike Check

February 27, 2015 | By | No Comments

Cyclocross came to an end and we are all preparing for road and track season, but in the mean time Alex and I (Rudy) met in the park to do a bike check of our CX bikes, mine is a custom Victoire-Cycles CX frame and Alex’s is a Cannondale xs800 (Y2K). Big shout out to our sponsor Seabass Cycles for doing a great job putting these 2 bikes together. Click read more below for more photos of both builds, words and full spec list.

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29 Jan


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London X League Round 15 : Horsham

January 29, 2015 | By | No Comments

On Sunday Reece and I (Rudy) drove to Horsham for London X League‘s last cyclocross race of the 14/15 season. It was nice to catch with our friend and photographer Jon Baines who met us there and got some amazing shots of me racing. Click read more below for the full set, which summarise the day really well. Read More

23 Dec


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London X League Round 11: Redbridge

December 23, 2014 | By | No Comments

Cold, muddy and exhausting – watching cyclocross was hard work. Riding it looked even harder. Rudy and Pasquale were the ones brave enough to kit up and race in Round 11 of the London X League at Redbridge Cycling Centre.

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