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03 Aug


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KOM Hunting with the Wahoo ELEMNT

August 3, 2016 | By | No Comments

I wouldn’t call myself a KOM hunter but that’s not to say I don’t go after the odd crown. I enjoy giving it my all up a good British hill, there’s a certain satisfaction of expending all your energy in just a few minutes, often not knowing what’s around the corner or when it’ll end – and I’d be lying if I said I’m not chuffed to see a crown appear in Strava when I get home.

Wahoo Fitness have just released an update to the ELEMNT that includes Live Strava Segments. I know Garmin have had these for a while but it’s never interested me enough to upgrade – but that’s what’s great about ELEMNT – you don’t need to upgrade, it’s all included in a free software update.

Wahoo kindly gave us access to the Beta software to test out before the public release so it was time to go hunting (KOMs, not Pokémon).

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Wahoo x 5th

May 12, 2016 | By | No Comments

We are extremely excited to announce that The 5th Floor are now #wahooligans! That is, we’re now part of the awesome Wahoo Fitness family and will be proudly riding using their new Elemnt computer.

Some of the LDN team have been trying out the Elemnt for a couple of months and we fallen in love it. This is a bike computer that’s been designed from scratch, with the rider in mind. There’s a quote on their website that says “Elemnt is the bike computer Apple would invent if they wanted to get into the cycling game”, and we 100% agree.
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13 Oct


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Bellroy Elements Product Review: Angus Sung.

October 13, 2014 | By | One Comment

When I was asked which Bellroy Elements wallet I wanted to test and review I knew exactly which one to pick; The Elements Pocket. Constructed using water resistant “all-weather leather” the Bellroy Elements range is targeted to those looking for some added weather protection so perfect but not limited to the outdoorsy type.

As someone who dislikes bulky weighed down pockets, I was worried the wallet would arrive and I’d be disappointed at the bulk of it but quite the opposite happened.

All the Elements range comes in a beautiful topography printed envelope and for me the packaging is 1/3 of product satisfaction. Inside I found my wallet, a small wonderfully constructed wallet with water-resistant zippers that was no bigger than the cardholder I was previously using….

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29 Jul


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Specialized Diverge Review

July 29, 2014 | By | One Comment

The Hunt 4’s underlying premise was to put the yet to be released Specialized Diverge through its paces as well as provide material for its eventual marketing. Having ridden it from San Jose to Santa Rosa through varied terrain I got a real sense of the bike and its capabilities. Click read more for my thoughts.

Images Courtesy of Andy Bokanev

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18 Mar


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AARN 144#N Chainrings

March 18, 2014 | By | No Comments

Recently we’ve been riding the AARN Chain rings. Between us we displaced our Campag Record, Zen and Sugino 75 rings to install the 144#N ring. I don’t think one of us would dare say we feel greater connectivity or sense the pure roundness from these changes… but what we are stoked on is that we’re running the most beautiful US made, carefully constructed chain rings we’ve ever seen and for that we give thanks. Check out the aamerican edition here.

20 Nov


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Cafe Du Cycliste: Josephine Bibshort Review

November 20, 2013 | By | No Comments

We love Cafe Du Cycliste, as we’ve expressed here. We sent James off into the Dolomites with some Josephine Bibs in his hands and asked him to let us know his thoughts. Click Read More to read the full review. Take a moment to check out their new winter releases too. Amongst our favorites is the Geraldine City Jacket. There’s free worldwide shipping until 30th December too.

I often feel sorry for the bibshort. As a product so essential to a good ride it seems unfair that jersey’s, jackets and even gloves seem to take precedent whenever a cyclist dips back into the apparel market, which as we all know, is far too often then healthy. Therefore when one does choose to purchase a pair the importance of getting it right is even more prevalent. Two things we look for more then any other are: quality + durability, and from the moment Cafe Du Cycliste’s Josephine Bibshort arrived in a clear, classic + stylised vinyl case, it became clear we were dealing with a product with both of these. Having ridden these 600 miles through the Italian Dolomites, 100’s of miles around NY’s infamous River Road, 9W + Parks and even in the odd velodrome I am pleased to say my initial confidence has been well served.  Read More

09 Oct


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It’s autumn, remember to clean your bike!

October 9, 2013 | By | No Comments


Do not neglect your bike, keep it clean and lubed, it will last you longer, will perform better and…look cooler!
Here you have a couple of tips that might help you during the coldest months.
The chain and cog/cassette are the parts that tends to get dirtier, in the rainy season remove both at least once a month and wash them in Kerosene to get the best result. Once they are grease and dirt free put them back (remember to apply some copper grease on the hub thread) lube them properly then, with a cloth, remove the excess lube from the chain and clean the chainstay. If you do so, you will improve the life of the components incredibly and it’s definitely worth it (especially if you have a Phil Wood Cog or a Dura-Ace cassette!).
If you run brakes, remember to clean your rims as well, you will find alot of dirt on the breaking surface, if this is not cleaned properly, will ruin your rims and affect your breaking power.
Last tip of the day, if you live in a humid, wet region, remember to remove your seatpost and stem (quill) now and then, and apply more copper grease in the seat-tube and head-tube. I work in a very busy bikeshop (BLB) and unfortunately, I see many many beautiful bike with the seapost or stem seized in that can be a real pain ,or sometimes impossible to remove.

Photo via theCGK.

01 Aug


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Ventoux Vs Aithein

August 1, 2013 | By | No Comments

We’re massive advocates of what both Kinesis and Morvelo are doing. Oli, took the Aithein up the mighty Ventoux and fed back his thoughts. Really worth a read.

30 Jul


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Road Runner: Evil Mini

July 30, 2013 | By | No Comments

Brad and Brianna are two of my favourite crafts people. These guys are the brains, brawn and everything in between of Road Runner bags. I’ve been a huge fan of Road Runner since I first clapped eyes on their salvaged Thomson bag products. Since then I’ve lent on them for all my load lugging needs and infernal need for organization.

The Evil Mini is incredible, I’ve got a Mission Workshop Vandal that I use on the daily. However, come race day I find myself ramming extra bottle and spares into my 3 Jersey pockets. Having been caught out on several occasions with weather changes or wishing I’d thrown in a second tube B & B suggested I give the Evil Mini a go. It’s a single pocket Nylon Ripstop Shell that is incredibly lightweight and durable at just over 1.2lbs for just over 22 litres of storage that’s a pretty good weight to capacity ratio.

It’s incredibly minimal, I leave it packed with all my race day essentials to ensure I never forget anything, other than that I stuff it in my roll-on so I have a day-pack when I’m traveling.

The combination of customisation, customer service as well as a base range of exceptionally well thought out products means these guys are a must when your considering your carryology.






22 May


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May 22, 2013 | By | One Comment

Finally it’s feeling like summer, and finally it looks like i’m getting to pack my winter wear away. As Phil said, he feels like he’s been racing cross season since last August due to the on-going cold whether we’ve had.

Face value reviews are easy to dish out, but when it comes to winter gear what really matters is how the kit deals with the daily rigours over the harshest months. Over the winter season I’ve been testing out the Torm T5 Jersey and the Raincoat, Merino base and Thermal bibs from the lovely folks at SOLO.

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