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12 Apr



#5thTrackDay: Results

April 12, 2016 | By | 2 Comments

It’s taken a while, but we’ve finally got together the results from our #5thTrackDay. It was an action packed day of back to back racing with beautiful weather for most of it – just a bit of unfortunate rain during the presentations.

We want to say a huge thanks to all our sponsors for providing some incredible prizes and support on the day.

Courtesy of Etixx, everyone that registered received an energy pack with gels, isotonic, recovery shakes and bars and every rider that made it on to the podium received a tub of Complex Training Shake and box of Energy Load – worth over £80!

Not to mention *deep breath* Jawbreakers from Oakley, a C13 racing saddle and Hackney backpack from Brooks, coffee from Workshop, beer vouchers from the Other Room, pizza from Santa Maria and £170 worth of Brooks vouchers. Phew!

Unfortunately we weren’t been able to get full results for every race. As you can imagine, trying to get a position for 78 riders over 15 races is pretty tricky – and some shoddy iPad filming didn’t help.

Once again, thanks to all the riders that came down to compete. There was some serious competition and fast races, but here’s how the podiums panned out…



Youth Omnium

It was our pleasure to host a mini Youth Omnium alongside our Open Season races. These guys are where it’s at – I just wish that I had been riding a track bike at that age.


Overall standings
1st – Jamie Puller
2nd – Finn Jenner
3rd – Myles Williams

Youth A/B 8 lap scratch
1st – Myles Williams
2nd – Jamie Puller
3rd – Fin Jennner
4th – Oliver Wollanton
5th – Tomas Wylie
6th – Stanley Platts
7th – Olivier Mangham

Youth A/B Elimination
1st – Jamie Puller
2nd – Fin Jennner
3rd – Myles Williams

Youth A/B 10 lap points
1st – Jamie Puller
2nd – Fin Jennner
3rd – Stanley Platts


Huge shout out to Olivier Mangham, our most aggressive Youth rider. He was the only one signed up for the Youth C/D so he was bumped up to compete with A/B. Despite his spinny gear restriction he was always in the mix, pulling his turn. Well done Olivier!




The women’s turn out was incredible – amazing to see so many friends on on the track with riders from VCL, Velociposse, Dulwich Paragon, NLTCBMBC, Aprire / HSS Hire and more.

8 Lap Warm Up Scratch
1 – Sarah Walsh (Bonito Squadra Case)
2 – Harriet Mellor (Aprire / HSS Hire)
3 – Lesley Pinder (Elite Cycling)
4 – Cat Gaskell (VCL)
5 – Christine Robson (VCL)
6 – Jess Morgan (NLTCBMBC)
7 – Kritsina Matovic (NLTCBMBC)
8 – Lina Bivainyte (Velociposse)
9 – Imogen Humpris (Velociposse)

1 – Christine Robson (VCL)
2 – Harriet Mellor (Aprire / HSS Hire)
3 – Lesley Pinder (Elite Cycling)
4 – Sarah Walsh (Bonito Squadra Case)
5 – Hannah Cusworth (VCL)

10 Lap Points
1 – Charlotte Roberge (Dulwich Paragon)
2 – Christine Robson (VCL)
3 – Lesley Pinder (Elite Cycling)


20 Lap Scratch
1 – Harriet Mellor (Aprire / HSS Hire)
2 – Lesley Pinder (Elite Cycling)
3 – Cat Gaskell (VCL)
Pizza Prime! – Christine Robson (VCL)
4 – Sarah Walsh (Bonito Squadra Case)

Most aggressive rider and a pair of Oakley Jawbreakers went to Charlotte Roberge.




29 riders entered the Men’s B races, almost at capacity. Lots of strong riders but it was the riders from Welwyn Wheelers that dominated the podiums with five appearances. An unfortunate crash in the Elimination saw Rob from NLTCBMBC go down with a broken collarbone – heal up soon man!

8 lap warm-up scratch
1 – Stephen Aslin (Twickenham CC)
2 – Ben Smith (Welwyn Wheelers)
3 – Stephen Crispin (Penge Cycle Club)
4 – James Gray (VCL)
5 – Owen Blandy (East London Fixed)
6 – Stephen Somba (Dulwich Paragon)
7 – Joseph Mulligan (VCL)
8 – Rob Green (NLTCBMBC)
9 – Matt Thompson (VCL)
10 – Sean Bridgeman (VCL)

1 – Nick Gill
2 – Michael Parry (Welwyn Wheelers)
3 – Joseph Mulligan (VCL)
4 – Stephen Somba (Dulwich Paragon)
5 – Stephen Aslin (Twickenham CC)

12 lap points
1 – Michael Parry (Welwyn Wheelers)
2 – Ben Smith (Welwyn Wheelers)
3 – John Sellars (London Phoenix)

20 lap scratch
1 – Owen Blandy (East London Fixed)
2 – James Gray (VCL)
3 – Ben Smith (Welwyn Wheelers)
Pizza Prime! – Michael Parry (Welwyn Wheelers)
4 – John Sellars (London Phoenix)
5 – Michael Parry (Welwyn Wheelers)
6 – Iain Campbell (VCL)
7 – Stephen Aslin (Twickenham CC)
8 – Malcom Davis (Dulwich Paragon)

With some strong moves over the top and attacks off the front, Michael Parry was deemed the most aggressive rider of the day. A pair of Oakley Jawbreakers for you sir!




We had Alex, Alec and Raffa were representing The 5th Floor but they were up against some serious competition with strong riders London Dynamo, Full Denim Jacket, Nuun Sigma sport, VCL and PCH UK RT.

DSC_787210 lap warm-up scratch
1 – Richard Mondslew (London Dynamo)
2 – Mark Smith (PCH UK RT)
3 – Alec Briggs (The 5th Floor)
4 – Atiba Quildan (PMR@Toachim House)
5 – Raffa Maccari (The 5th Floor)
6 – George Gori (Nuun Sigma Sport)
7 – Iain Cook (VCL)
8 – Daniel Cooper (Full Denim Jacket)
9 – Vojtech Blazejovsky (PMR@Toachim House)
10 – Rory Mackay (VCL))

1 – Alec Briggs (The 5th Floor) – Finishing in STYLE, check out the video.
2 – Iain Cook (VCL)
3 – Mark Smith (PCH UK RT)
4 – Daniel Cooper (Full Denim Jacket)
5 – Dimitri Demishev (NLTCBMBC)

15 lap points
1 – Ben McKie (VCL)
2 – Alec Briggs (The 5th Floor)
3 – George Gori (Nuun Sigma Sport)
4 – Andy Smith
5 – Vojtech Blazejovsky (PMR@Toachim House)

20k scratch
1 – Vojtech Blazejovsky (PMR@Toachim House)
2 – Raffa Maccari (The 5th Floor)
3 – George Gori (Nuun Sigma Sport)
Pizza Prime! – Vojtech Blazejovsky (PMR@Toachim House)
4 – Ben McKie (VCL)
5 – Tom Simpson (Brixton CC)

Our very own Alec Briggs took home the most aggressive rider award (as chosen by Peter, the unbias commissaire, not us!). Chapeau Alec!

Photos once again by the talented Jon Baines – more to come soon!

08 Dec


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Six Day London

October 23, 2015 | By | 2 Comments

For the past 5 days, pairs of riders have been battling it out in the first ever London Six Day Race. Well I say first ever, that’s a lie, Six Day Racing was invented in London but it’s been a while since it’s been back.

For those that haven’t heard of Six Day Racing (and that included me), it’s pretty much what it says on the tin. Six consecutive days of racing where teams of two riders compete for an overall classification. The objective is to complete as many laps as possible, gaining points along the way.

London 6 Day

London 6 Day

Vita Coco were one of the main supporters for event and were kind enough to supply 5thLDN with some tickets (best seats in the house no-less: front row, finish line).

London 6 Day

London 6 Day

There was a huge mix of riders; in terms of age, nationality and experience. Niki Terpstra was probably the most recognisable name, winner of Paris-Roubaix 2014 along with riders from all over Europe, Japan and the US. There were plenty of GB up-and-comers as well, including Adam Blythe, Germain Burton, Mark Stewart, Ollie Wood and the ever entertaining Matt ‘Legs’ Rotherham. Seriously, his legs were massive. And he’s only 20 years old, wtf.

London 6 Day

London 6 Day

London 6 Day

Madison, derny and keirin are arguably 3 of the most exciting track events to watch so having them back to back in one night was insanely good. Throw in a few sprints and time trials and you get a seriously good night of racing.

London 6 Day

London 6 Day

London 6 Day

London 6 Day  London 6 Day

Thanks again to Vita Coco for the awesome seats and to TimeOut for the last minute tickets for Monday evening.

Snaps by myself and Alex Blomeley.

Red Hook Crit BCN 3 by Alex Blomeley

September 29, 2015 | By | No Comments

Theres always a lot of stories that come out of crit week. Most of which are super positive. You can’t avoid breaks, purchase bruises and all sorts in racing like this but everyone comes away with something and no matter what it is you always want to go back. Red Hook Crit Barcelona 3 really had everything, here even tears (quickly followed by some serious dancing) and we weren’t without our fair share… Read More

CC Hackney Open Season at Herne Hill by Alex Blomeley

April 9, 2015 | By | One Comment

Last Saturday was the first track meeting of the season at Herne Hill Velodrome. Rudy Melo, cialis Reece Wood and George Garnier were there racing the A(s) and Alex Blomeley was there with his camera. Click read more below for the full set. Read More

22 Apr


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2014 Good Friday Meeting by Erik Jonsson

April 22, 2014 | By | No Comments

Last Friday Rudy Melo took part at The 2014 Good Friday Meeting at Lee Valley VeloPark. After SO MANY years the GF meeting went to the new velodrome in London and there were over 140 riders taking part on the event. Rudy raced the Elimination and Scratch race, case coming 12th and 9th. Great experience for him and lets hope there will be more of us at the next event there. Our man Erik Jonson was there taking some amazing shots. Make sure you head over to his site for the full sets. Set 1, Set 2 and Set 3.

07 Apr


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Lee Valley VeloPark Sessions

April 7, 2014 | By | One Comment

We, buy London team, recipe got lucky to have had 2 track sessions at Lee Valley VeloPark this weekend. Still early stages and booking a session is not as easy as any other velodrome. Because The 5th Floor is in the South East region we were one of the first clubs to have first dibs for a track session on Saturday. Plus we were there again on Sunday to do the needed 1st out of 4 stage of accreditation to race and train there. It was great to have Leo back on the saddle after his crash. Looking forward to more events there. Next one, only in 2 weeks time is The Good Friday Meeting.

27 Mar


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