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It's been talked about since 5thNYC started 4 years ago. But finally it's happening. 27/08/2018. New York and London are coming together. This year's camp will see a train of 21 green jerseys [...]


We’re spoilt for choice of roads in the UK. We have thousands criss-crossing our countryside yet we always end up on the same ones. The idea for the first 5th x RMNC #iamspecialized ride [...]

8bar crit 2016

Back in September, Alex came away with an awesome 4th place – read his full write up here. As we know, it’s not easy putting on a race but it looks like 8bar and adidas did an incredible job [...]

Race organising is HARD by Aoife Doherty

I thought racing was tiring, then add organising the London Summer Cross Series into the mix and new levels reached. I’ve finally gotten to the end of checking results, tidying sums and all the other [...]