An ideal early spring forecast as well as a birthday to celebrate,
Julia, Lukasz, Ben and I headed to Steeprock Association in Washington Connecticut, a 2,700 acre land preserve with miles of multi-use trails and a few camp-sites.

With only about 40 miles to travel on the first day, we took our time on the scenic dirt roads, winding past historic houses and farms.  After a few failed attempts at luring in some horses with some apples and one questionably successful attempt at moving a huge snapping turtle from the road, we pulled into camp.

Tents pitched and bags dropped we headed to explore the park.  Racing through the pitch black tunnel and picking up some singletrack on the other side quickly had us climbing up over the tunnel we just passed through, shooting us straight into a network of miles of doubletrack.

Day two brought more amazing roads, cutting through western Connecticut on a number of dirt climbs and descents.  Finishing the ride at Southeast, we sat at the train station, beer in hand grinning at one another thinking of the adventure we had just completed.  With a few more beers down and a two hour train ride back to Grand Central, conversation quickly turned to planning that next weekend adventure within reach on New York City on bicycle.

Words: Seth Holmes
Images: Donalrey