Following on from the new Cinelli Histogram, there’s an interesting story unfolding on Fixed Gear Blog about this Cinelli Laser Pista…

This Cinelli Laser Pista, earns its serious OMG WTF status for two reasons:

1.) Cinelli Laser Pista is pure awesome and extremely rare, but of course you all know that.

2.) However, the crazy thing here is that there’s an old bike shop sticker on the frame indicating that the frame was originally imported from Italy and sold by some long forgotten LBS in Kotka, Finland, of all places. Kotka is a small coastal harbor town in the southeastern Finland and certainly not known as a cycling city. Also there’s never been a velodrome or anything like that there.

So who was the shop-owner Mr. Matti A. Salomaa, why did he have a Cinelli Laser Pista in his shop, who originally bought it and rode it, and how it ended up in its current location in Villeneuve le Comte in France?

Also, was this the only one he had or was there maybe more, and is there possibly another one like that hidden somewhere in here? Questions, questions…


Ok, the plot thickens. Anon just pointed out that the frame is actually being sold by Velorama.

In the description in french they pose the questions that since there is a vague number 3 inscribed in the BB shell, could the frame be the third Laser Pista ever made? Also they claim that the mentioned sticker is an address of an Finnish velodrome but that’s just wrong. It’s the original importer/seller LBS’s sticker.

However, the detective that I am, I actually called a telephone number inquiries service and got the current address (still in Kotka) and the mobile number of the person whose made is on the sticker. I wanted to simply ask him if he remembers having had this in the shop in the first place. BUT: his phone in “unreachable” (or switched off). To be continued …