It’s a sad fact but one we should never forget, cycling is dangerous.

Between 1999 and 2010 there were 1, 575 cyclists killed on UK roads. To highlight this, the BBC put together an interactive map that allows you to see where, when and what road accidents have occurred across the UK.

And why would you want to look at that? Well, spend a couple of minutes looking around your area, see where the dangerous junctions are and next time you cycle past – spare a thought for those that haven’t been so lucky. And spare an even longer thought to look around you and be safe.

They also put together this chart which, to be honest, just points out the obvious.
Most cycle related accidents happen at rush hour. Duh. But if you think about this tomorrow when you race to work and decide not to run that red light or squeeze between that lorry – then it’s done it’s job.

Cycle safe.