This individual is Loic Brun. He has personally taken it upon himself to undertake a malicious and slanderous campaign in a vain attempt to undermine the 5th floor and the people that make up the 5th floor.  After some investigation and help from an outside source we have uncovered that the IP address ( used to make comments and direct emails to our blog, PC and 14 Bike Co. the LFGSS forum belong to Loic and are all from the same IP address. He also goes by the alias igloo69, Nagaswa, AmberLDN on the LFGSS forum . While we understand that there will always be negativity or criticsim, we felt the need to out Loic publicly due to the nature of his comments and the fact that a guy like this is only damaging to our community.
Underneath you will find the evidence:

Loic Brun:

Email from Prolly:

Comment on Prolly, pretending to be David (Same IP address

Comment on Pedal Consumption, pretending to be David:

Comment on 14 Bike Co, pretending to be David (Same IP address

Comment on our blog, as someone else, (Same IP address

Email from LFGSS admin:

“Hey Corny and Matt,

The troll is indeed igloo69 (LOIC), whose alias was AmberLDN and also Nagasawa (all one and the same person and IP address,
The IP addresses go directly back to igloo69 (LOIC) and his aliases. So it’s conclusive.
igloo69 (LOIC) was was banned yesterday from LFGSS for trolling. Kind of a “last straw” moment as he’s been trolling a while and I got tired of it.
More digging around shows that all of igloo69’s accounts ever have been banned… the guy is on a roll, and at least LFGSS banning whilst a rarity is consistent.
The email address all are of the form ygshady13@ or ****13@, which might help you spot them in future.
The real name for the guy is Loic Brun, his facebook is here:
I got that by googling his email address, which turned up this Facebook group, and as the owner of the group it reveals his real identity:
So now you know who it is, and when you out him let me know and I’ll cross-post it on the forum… as this community shouldn’t tolerate jerks like that.
Hope that helps.
Find him at: