Mallorca, the go-to cycling destination for most cyclists in Europe.

It’s easy to see why though; cheap flights, good weather, beautiful landscapes and buttery smooth tarmac. Mallorca truly is a cyclists’ playground.

We had 4 days on the island and stayed in a town called Valldemossa. It’s nestled in the Eastern mountainous region, a stones’ throw of some of the great climbs.

From here we were perfectly placed to ride the some of the best roads Mallorca had to offer.

Sa Calobra – this is the one. It might not be as long or high as some Alpine climbs but there is no other road like it.

The road was designed, not built. The engineer was a Spanish man called Antonio Parietti who designed it to be aesthetically in-sync with the mountain – and to improve tourism to island. Tick and tick.

The beauty about Mallorca is the varied terrain in such a small space. There are mountains, coastal roads, tiny lanes and rolling hills. All within pedalling distance.

So over popular and ‘done’? Maybe. But if you haven’t been, you should follow the crowd for a weekend because the fuss is justified.

We’ll be back again and again.


AirBnB in Valldemossa


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Time of year:

We went in June and the weather for the most part was bliss apart from a day of rain – the first in months on the island according to locals.

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