I saw these photos of Massan over at Zlog
Pretty nice captures

Scott has some other real dope images…go check them out www.hermansonphoto.com

mileage and motivating us to keep a decent speed or at least try and break the top speed! The fact that some thought has been put into ergonomics and styling instantly make all Knog products a hit with fixed riders,
its wireless and operates with the same silicon skin and loop as the lights. I loved the fact you could remove the unit from the casing and fit it vertically or horizontally meaning i could run mine on my stem so as to not disturb my usual hand position. Anyway check out all the product specs here…

As for the results well we managed;
195 Miles
In 12 Hours 45 Min
At an Average speed of 15.3 MPH
And a top speed of 37.4 MPH