Looking forward to the giro this year…… http://t.co/hsYSPyUw5w
I was fortunate enough to get hold of a RaceWare direct mount for my new Garmin 510. As well as being en trende with the #fluroisthenewblack this awesome little piece of equipment is made from 3D printed nylon and printed right here in the UK. At around 12g it also weighs almost half of the K-edge which is the about the blingest out front mount out there.

The form fit of the mount is incredible and almost every Garmin model is specifically catered for or can be though their custom program. As a rider run outfit RaceWare has been responsive and innovative to the needs of cyclists, for example a rear seat post mount is available to comply with velodrome rules that prohibit an out front mount, plus there is a range of Go-Pro mounts in the works. Fantastic stuff.

Get yours here.