I first saw this bag in May when alley cats, in the rain, sun, wind, on and off the bike.

Instead of copy and pasting the blurb off the website I thought I’d list what I consider to be the top 5 cool features so here goes…

The Top 5 Cool Features of the T-Level Infinity Rolltop

1. Back Air Flow – I think it’s actually called T-AERO technology which means there’s a gap between the bag and your back  allowing air to flow between it. In short, no more back sweat patches from a 10 minute ride!

2.  Front pocket – The whole front of the bag is a secure velcro flap that gives quick access a load of pockets. I didn’t realise just how useful this would be until I started using it, I can get to my stuff in seconds rather than faffing around with zips.

3. Velcro ties – I don’t know why no one else has done this, it’s genius. On each of the straps there is a small velcro tie that allows the excess strap to be coiled up and secured. No more straps flapping around in the wind and getting in the way.

4. Waterproof – I know this sounds obvious but I’ve had a lot of bags that claim to be waterproof, only to pull out a wet pair of pants when I get to work. The rolltop design makes sure everything inside is kept bone dry as these guys demonstrate.

5. Pockets! – I’ve counted 19 so far but I’m sure there are more hiding somewhere. The main 43l compartment can be accessed from the rolltop or the quicker zip on the side. There are pockets for your laptop, tools, ipod, pens and condoms.

The attention to detail and quality in this bag is unreal. There are tonnes of other features that I haven’t mentioned but you’ll just have them out for yourself.

Good news is you won’t have to spend months trying to get hold of one like I did.  Tokyo Fixed Gear are now stocking T-Level and shipping Worldwide so go bag yourself one*

*Get it? Yes, I work in advertising.