Tuesday and Thursday mornings in London are for for laps. And they go a little something like this…

6:00am – Alarm. Snooze. Alarm. Get up.
6:15am – Bibs on. Muesli. Kit on. Annoy neighbours walking around in cleats.
6:30am – Out the door.
7:00am – Meet Regent’s Park corner.
7:03am – Go…

JP (left) and Tony (right) have been riding with us throughout the cold, dark and wet mornings of winter – always pushing hard and keeping the pace high.

A welcome breather at the lights.

Leo and Rudy finish up the final lap.

8am – Laps done, it’s time for the real reason we get up early – Workshop Coffee Co.

Still not quite warm enough to sit outside – soon though, soon.

Alex shows off his new kit.

All very civilised after trying to kill each other around the park.

Mr Rudy Melo and Anthony Purcell, Director of Performance Pro. Tony likes to keep us on our toes with his spontaneous attacks – again and again and again. Thanks Tony. Thanks a lot.

After delaying the inevitable as long as possible, we head our separate ways to our ‘real’ jobs.