Its taken me an age to report on this but there have been some big changes on the seeing 700c and 26” up there in equal proportion to the BMX side of things from a manufacturer this big has to be a positive sign!?

Volume have also released a coupe of ‘hybrid’ bikes. Both the Generator and the Vandal span the ever blurry boundaries between fixed freestyle, commuter and dirt jumper. I know in my mind whenever the weather starts turning here i’d love something like the generator.


Is it a FGFS or a DJ?  The Vandal is basically our Sledgehammer 26? BMX, except simplified.  We’re not saying it’s one or the other.  It’s a 26? frame that was designed to easily maneuver around for whatever you ride; fixed, dirt or just cruise the curbs.


The Generator is a combination of a commuter and BMX.  The thing rides like a dream and can still jump off a curb and do a mean wheelie.  Features include: Full heat treated CRMO frame, fork and bar, EBB, fixed dropout, Shimano 8-spd. Alfine hub, Tektro Auriga Pro hydraulic brakes, 700X45c Resist tires, and much more.  We’ll be offering it as a complete and should be due out around April/ May.  What you see in the pic will be very close to what the production model will have.  Due out March 15th, check the Generator page for more details.