Integrated U Lock.

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Saw this Globe Roll over on Trafik. Designed by Garret of Mashsf the most interesting feature has gotta be the integrated U lock. I think most would find this a bit limiting, progressive and classic.

NS Bikes Analog 2011

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The guys over at NS Bikes were kind enough to forward the details of the new Analog 2011. I've always been an advocate of NS stuff since my freeride days, i was blown away by [...]

Cycle Show London 2010

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Were all pretty hyped about the London Cycle show 2010, and make sure to advance book your ticket! UK’s largest Cycle Show will return for the 9th year on the 8th of October at Earl’s [...]

Leader Bike Catalog

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Check out the new Leader bike Catalog. Designed by Terrence Patrick of Heavy Pedal. Photos by Matt Lingo and photo of Rudy by Angus Sung. Open publication - Free publishing - More victor vasquez

RD – Do It Like Me

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Click on the image to watch it. Artist: RD - Ruff Diamondz Track: Do It Like Me Production Company: Flomotion Director: Pawel Ksiezopolski DoP: David Procter I know it's only for a split second but [...]