Cycling Club? Team? Collective? Who knows. Basically we’re a group of good mates that like riding and racing our bikes.

We’ve been around since 2009 when we used to meet up on the 5th floor (thus the name) of an East London car park on fixed gear bikes drinking beers, doing skids and attempting to wheelie. Since then we took our ‘fixies’ on to the velodrome, discovered gears, took to road racing, then cyclocross, touring… you name it.

The New York team came about when David Hall moved across the Atlantic. Initially thinking that would be the end of 5th Floor for him, he quickly found a group of bike-minded people and began #5thNYC.

At the end of 2015, we had five awesome women join the team in London which is now up six. Headed up by Sophie Edmondson, they’ve been bossing the London crit circuits, CX and track – all while drinking us guys under the table.