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Nocturne Elite Women’s Race

June 7, 2016 | By | No Comments

Hammering past the pitts into that first main right – the outside line slow, the inside line dicing with cutters. Then sweeping into the first left – nice and wide and smooth. On into the Love Lane chicane and over that smooth turquoise cobbled dial. Followed by the third consecutive right hander, past the huge white banner and blur of faces. And cowbells, so many cowbells. Left, right, into the back straight – maybe a slight drag I don’t know. That lead up to the finish line felt like it went on for an eternity but was over in a flash. The red numbers of the race clock taking longer to come into focus with every approach. Each lap was vying for it’s own title making us play with the different wheels, lines, drains, effort.
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24 Sep


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In The Shadow of Giants

September 24, 2015 | By | No Comments

In the shadow of the giants is Angus‘ set from out Dolomites trip (Pt.1 and Pt.2). Head over to his site for the full set.


23 Jun


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BIG Events – Redbridge

June 23, 2015 | By | No Comments

A good team work ends up with great results.

On Saturday Daniel and I (Rudy) worked well together in the Cat 3 race and it paid off. We made sure we were towards the front of the race, chasing any attack, bridging gaps, staying out of trouble, etc. Coming up to the prime lap, Daniel rode hard on the front for nearly the whole lap, leading me out coming up to the hill finish, I just went for it, wasn’t planning to, but thought “Why not?”. When I looked over my shoulder no one was near me. Coffee was on me.

The race carried on as normal, and after just over 1hr of racing the commissarie put the 6 laps count down (instead of 3). I heard a few people in the group complaining as they wish it was 3 to go. I was feeling okay, so I started to think of position and go with any attempt to break away. A couple of guys did, I chased and brought the bunch with me, I wish it was just me, but no, people like to follow. With 2 laps to go it started to rain HARD, which made the race more epic.

In the last lap Daniel and I were up there, 1st and second, we slowed down letting a couple people get in front of us and coming up to the hilly sprint finish, I went for it, just like the prime lap, but this time was too early, someone went past me, but I saw in the corner of my eye that it was Daniel who ended up winning it and I came 3rd. Another guy just managed to go around me at the last meter or so (see photo 2).

Unfortunately it wasn’t a 1, 2 but a 1, 3 and a prime was pretty good. And to make the day even better we found out that team mate Luke Clark got a strong 3rd place in the Cat 4 race, getting enough points to move up to Cat 3.

– Rudy Melo

SERRL Kenardington

June 16, 2015 | By | No Comments

Last Sunday Rudy, George, Pasquale, Reece and I travelled down to Kenardington in Kent (close to Ashford) for 5th Floor’s first road race in the South East Road Race League (SERRL) Summer Series. The race was 9 laps of a 10km circuit (including one ‘neutralised’ lap – didn’t feel like it!), which meant it took just over two hours and 90km to complete. There were about 60 riders in the field, and this race was categorised 3/4, so had both 3rd Cat and 4th Cat riders in the same race. The course had a few small climbs, enough to burn the legs, but not severe enough to cause much difficulty for most of the field…

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08 Jun


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London Nocturne 2015 by Jon Baines

June 8, 2015 | By | No Comments

Click read more below to see the London Nocturne photos from our good friend and photographer Jon Baines Read More

Mallorca by Alex and Reece

June 8, 2015 | By | No Comments

After a long winter of injury watching the social media streams of idyllic roads and sunny climbs a last minute ‘fuck it’ moment led us to go and grab a bit of this tarmac for ourselves.

Thursday night through to Monday evening with 4 rides over 400km and 8000m of climbing. Mallorca is amazing, I wish I had a more interesting word to describe it. But it was just that, amazing. For a start the food was incredible, wether we chose well or its just a true testament to the quality of eating our there we never had a bad meal. We’re not ones for taking pictures of food, it disappears to quickly after a long ride in the sun but here are some recommendations for Palma.

(Click read more below for more words and photos from Alex Blomeley and Reece Wood’s trip to Mallorca) Read More

01 Jun


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Big Events : MK Bowl Race

June 1, 2015 | By | No Comments

Last weekend myself (Rudy), George, Luke, Pasquale and Daniel made our way to Milton Keynes to race around MK Bowl put by Big Events.

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11 May


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Mallorca, España

May 11, 2015 | By | No Comments

Probably one of the most popular cycling location in Europe. From pro-riders and amateur racers (like me) to cycling holiday groups, mamil(s) (middle age man in lycra) and local riders are all there riding all year round.

Being only 2.5hrs away from London and having a close friend, Sebastian Ordinas, living there I make sure I visit regularly. 4 times with my bike in the last 24 months to be exact. Last year with the whole of the LDN team. Watch the video here and some photos here.

Mallorca is a great city break location, with or without your bike, but you would be stupid to not take your bike.

I’ve learned some great routes and what Colls are a must when visiting the island. Maps are not needed anymore, especially because the island is well signed.

The roads are great, smooth and well looked after, the scenery is beautiful, the Colls are just what you are looking for, people are lovely and the food is amazing. Why not go back right?

With my last visit last week I ended up riding 3 out of 4 days, doing a total of 330km (205miles) and 5,638meters (18,487ft) of climbing.

Tips when visiting:
– Avoid eating in tourist areas to avoid silly prices and shit food.
– Eat where you see locals eating.
– Caña (not cerveza) is what they call a cold beer on tap.

Places to ride:
– Coll de sa Batalla, photo 1
– Sa Calobra (a must), photo 2 and 3
– Cap de Formentor, photo 4 and 5
– Coll de Soller (from both sides), photo 10
– Puig Major (also a must), but make sure you also descend Puig Major, maybe when doing Coll de Soller from the other side.

More photos on FindYourFast Tumblr.

07 Apr


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Deux North : Hunt 5

April 7, 2015 | By | No Comments

Last year I (Rudy) was lucky enough to join Deux NorthSpecialized and a really solid crew to ‘Hunt’ from Barcelona to Valencia. The crew was myself, the Nord brothers James and Dylan, Chris Riekert from Specialized, Jered and Ashley Gruber, photographer Jon Baines, videographer Aaron Vazquez and driver/mechanic Patrick ‘The Tree’ Miller. It was the first time I met of the group, but after a few minutes together we were getting along really well, but that was needed because we were going to spend the next 3 days cycling together.

The Hunt 5 was one of the best bike trips I have ever done. Beautiful, tiring, hard and fun, all at the same time. We went through some roads that I probably would have never been through if it wasn’t for this trip. Unforgettable stuff! I will let the video do the rest of the talking. Check it out! Make sure to also head over to Deux North for more photos and words by Dylan Nord.

“Inspired by the sport of professional rally car racing, Deux North took a special group of riders to the Rally de Catalunya in Spain for Hunt 5. In Salou, they met one of the world’s best drivers, Kris Meeke, and recorded his story of passion and adventure. Traveling along the route of the World Rally Championship, from Barcelona to Valencia, Deux North ran into some of the most beautiful places on earth as well as some interesting surprises and setbacks. It was Kris’ story that inspired Deux North’s hunters over their four day trip and to this day. This is Hunt 5, as told by World Rally Championship driver, Kris Meeke, and Deux North’s Hunters.”

Hell of the Ashdown 2015 by Daniel Slotte

March 20, 2015 | By | No Comments

When I was just getting into road cycling in 2012, one of the first events I heard about was the Hell of the Ashdown (HOTA) sportive, organised by Catford CC. With a fearsome name like that (a play on the Hell of the North, the popular nickname for Paris-Roubaix), and with climbs like ‘The Wall’ and talk of 25% gradients in the first couple of kilometres, it’s a daunting prospect for any budding cyclist. HOTA always falls in February, with temperatures usually just hovering around freezing, so in addition to tackling the multiple hills on the course, there is also the issues of ice on the road and trying to open a bar with frozen fingers….

Click read more bellow to read Daniel’s report for this year’s HOTA and find out how he got on since 2012 . Read More