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11 May


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Mallorca, España

May 11, 2015 | By | No Comments

Probably one of the most popular cycling location in Europe. From pro-riders and amateur racers (like me) to cycling holiday groups, mamil(s) (middle age man in lycra) and local riders are all there riding all year round.

Being only 2.5hrs away from London and having a close friend, Sebastian Ordinas, living there I make sure I visit regularly. 4 times with my bike in the last 24 months to be exact. Last year with the whole of the LDN team. Watch the video here and some photos here.

Mallorca is a great city break location, with or without your bike, but you would be stupid to not take your bike.

I’ve learned some great routes and what Colls are a must when visiting the island. Maps are not needed anymore, especially because the island is well signed.

The roads are great, smooth and well looked after, the scenery is beautiful, the Colls are just what you are looking for, people are lovely and the food is amazing. Why not go back right?

With my last visit last week I ended up riding 3 out of 4 days, doing a total of 330km (205miles) and 5,638meters (18,487ft) of climbing.

Tips when visiting:
– Avoid eating in tourist areas to avoid silly prices and shit food.
– Eat where you see locals eating.
– Caña (not cerveza) is what they call a cold beer on tap.

Places to ride:
– Coll de sa Batalla, photo 1
– Sa Calobra (a must), photo 2 and 3
– Cap de Formentor, photo 4 and 5
– Coll de Soller (from both sides), photo 10
– Puig Major (also a must), but make sure you also descend Puig Major, maybe when doing Coll de Soller from the other side.

More photos on FindYourFast Tumblr.

07 Apr


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Deux North : Hunt 5

April 7, 2015 | By | No Comments

Last year I (Rudy) was lucky enough to join Deux NorthSpecialized and a really solid crew to ‘Hunt’ from Barcelona to Valencia. The crew was myself, the Nord brothers James and Dylan, Chris Riekert from Specialized, Jered and Ashley Gruber, photographer Jon Baines, videographer Aaron Vazquez and driver/mechanic Patrick ‘The Tree’ Miller. It was the first time I met of the group, but after a few minutes together we were getting along really well, but that was needed because we were going to spend the next 3 days cycling together.

The Hunt 5 was one of the best bike trips I have ever done. Beautiful, tiring, hard and fun, all at the same time. We went through some roads that I probably would have never been through if it wasn’t for this trip. Unforgettable stuff! I will let the video do the rest of the talking. Check it out! Make sure to also head over to Deux North for more photos and words by Dylan Nord.

“Inspired by the sport of professional rally car racing, Deux North took a special group of riders to the Rally de Catalunya in Spain for Hunt 5. In Salou, they met one of the world’s best drivers, Kris Meeke, and recorded his story of passion and adventure. Traveling along the route of the World Rally Championship, from Barcelona to Valencia, Deux North ran into some of the most beautiful places on earth as well as some interesting surprises and setbacks. It was Kris’ story that inspired Deux North’s hunters over their four day trip and to this day. This is Hunt 5, as told by World Rally Championship driver, Kris Meeke, and Deux North’s Hunters.”

Hell of the Ashdown 2015 by Daniel Slotte

March 20, 2015 | By | No Comments

When I was just getting into road cycling in 2012, one of the first events I heard about was the Hell of the Ashdown (HOTA) sportive, organised by Catford CC. With a fearsome name like that (a play on the Hell of the North, the popular nickname for Paris-Roubaix), and with climbs like ‘The Wall’ and talk of 25% gradients in the first couple of kilometres, it’s a daunting prospect for any budding cyclist. HOTA always falls in February, with temperatures usually just hovering around freezing, so in addition to tackling the multiple hills on the course, there is also the issues of ice on the road and trying to open a bar with frozen fingers….

Click read more bellow to read Daniel’s report for this year’s HOTA and find out how he got on since 2012 . Read More

KOM Tour GoPro Footage by Daniel Slotte

October 6, 2014 | By | No Comments

As previously documented in the King of the Mountains Tour write up by Pasquale, 5th Floor made a foray into the Pyrenees, Ventoux and the Alps earlier this year as part of a 7 day tour. On the final day I shot some GoPro footage of Col du Télégraphe, Col du Galibier and Alpe d’Huez. These three short videos have lots of climbing, descending, attacks, stunning views and a dashboard view of my Garmin with full telemetry.

Part 1 / 3: Col du Télégraphe

Part 2 / 3: Col du Galibier

Part 3 / 3: Col du Galibier descent and Alpe d’Huez

Haute Route pt. 2 by Russ Ashford

September 2, 2014 | By | No Comments

Russ did amazing at the Haute Route Alps this year. Click read more to see how he got on Stages 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 of Haute Route Alps…. Read More

28 Jun


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Le Coq Sportif x The 5th Floor TDF ride

June 28, 2014 | By | No Comments

Le Coq Sportif and The 5th Floor invite you to join us on a road ride from Central London to Kent to celebrate the 2nd stage of the Tour de France. Limited numbers, first 30 people to RSVP will get all the remaining info. We will be back in Central London to watch the stage with a coffee stop at half way. FREE coffee, refreshment, beer and food at the end of the ride. Don’t miss out!!!

Track your ride on the Le Coq Sportif Strava Page for your chance to win LCS prizes.

Sunday 6th July
Distance: 120km
Pace: 18mph
From 9am to 2pm
(road bikes only)


09 Jun


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London Nocturne 2014 by Erik Jonsson

June 9, 2014 | By | No Comments

Another great London Nocturne was held yesterday and our man Erik Jonsson was there on the side line taking some great shots. Head over to his site for more photos.

It was nice to see so many friends racing and to see loads of familiar faces at the track bike crit, even Mr. Red Hook Crit aka David Trimble who was in town for business had a go at the race and this is what he has to say from his experience:

“It was great to line up on the start line with thousand of spectators surrounding the course. I was in exactly the spot on the front row where (if this was the RHC) the fastest qualifier should start. Of course with a fast field of RHC stars and being years away from racing shape I was only a spectator inside the race once the flag dropped. Even finishing mid pack the sensation of racing a track bike at speed around a tight technical circuit reaffirms that this format has so much potential in the world of cycling.” 

It was also nice seeing our friend and ex-team mate Kendal Noctor doing really well and coming 5th in the Leigh Day Kermesse race.

We ‘5th Floor LDN‘ took part in 3 events, the Leigh Day Kermesse road criterium, the Condor Track Bike Criterium with an amazing effort by George Garnier who came 3rd just behind last year’s winner and the Barclays Cycle Hire Race with Leo Tong coming 2nd.

Make sure you catch the TV highlights are on Sky Sports 2 (Tuesday, GMT 10pm), British Eurosport 2 (Friday, GMT 7.30pm) and Channel 4 (Saturday, GMT 5.30am).

30 May


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“5th Training Camp. Mallorca.” Short Film

May 30, 2014 | By | One Comment

Here is the short film by Angus Sung from our recent trip to Mallorca. Hope you enjoy it and maybe inspires you to ride your bike this weekend.

24 May


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Mallorca Camp by Angus Sung

May 24, 2014 | By | One Comment

Head over to Angus Sung’s site for more photos from his SLR camera from the film day and some photos from around the house in Mallorca.

13 May



5th Mallorca 2014 Camp

May 13, 2014 | By | 4 Comments

Last week the 5th Floor London team, Rudy Melo, Matt Stanbury, George Garnier, Leo Tong, Erik Jonsson, Daniel Slotte and Pasquale Chionchio, joined by Angus Sung and Sebastian Ordinas, went to the cycling island Mallorca for a week of training, riding and lots of team bonding!

There were a lot of coffee, coca-cola and ice cream stops involved. At the end of the day it was a cycling holiday for us, but we covered a lot in 6 days doing pretty much every known Colls, even doing some of them twice. With 5 days of riding and 1 rest day we rode 600km and climbed 9,990meters. Well, the rest day wasn’t really a rest day as we ended up doing 40km, 900 meters of climbing and a fair bit of hiking.

If you are planning to ride in Mallorca I would recommend; Coll de sa Batalla, Coll de Soller (from both sides), Puig Major, also descend from Puig Major if you can (it is a nice long descent), Coll d’Honor, the famous Sa Calobra and make sure you ride to the Cap de Formentor. This is from my experience, I know there are probably other places you could also go, but if you do the above you cover a fair bit including the main climbs.

Huge thanks goes to Sebastian Ordinas for being an amazing host, for driving and for being an all round great dude. Also a big thanks goes to all of our sponsors who supported us on this trip. Workshop Coffee for providing our morning and afternoon pick me ups. Vita Coco for keeping the guys hydrated everyday. Thule for helping transport some of our bikes safely and finally 3-Actions for providing us their sports nutrition that we were really happy to try.

If you follow us on instagram or any of our riders you might have seen that we were using the #5thMallorca hashtag to document the trip while we were away. Search #5thMallorca hashtag on instagram to see all the photos from the trip or click here to view them online. Please stay tuned for more photos and a short film from Angus Sung. Photos above by Angus Sung and Rudy Melo.