We were lucky enough to travel to some amazing places to ride and race our bikes in 2015, so we asked riders from London and New York to chose their favourite photo from last year and write few words…

Alex Blomeley #5thLDN
After nearly 6 months of recovery and recuperation I was finally back on the bike. So I went to Mallorca for a long weekend. This was to set the tone for one of the most incredible years of my life. I’ve taken every opportunity and ridden with and met so many people in so many cool places. I have the bike and great team mates to thank for that.



Donalrey Nieva #5thNYC
It’s not a photo of me nor is it one of my favorite photo I took this year, but it embodies what cycling and what being part of this team means to me. Seeking great adventure with people who I would consider good friends outside of cycling.



Mark Hagan #5thNYC
I have been avoiding eye contact with cross for years now, thinking it was a waste time. But I was a walking contradiction, a hypocrite even. I constantly sought out adventure rides and quietly relished in the freedom of rented cross rigs. I could no longer hide my enthusiasm, and jumped in head first with the purchase of a used bike. This photo catches a moment that expresses that joyful freedom of the discipline. – photo by Donalrey Nieva



Luke Clark #5thLDN
First road race – first race puncture. This meant the sideline for the remainder of the race cheering on the team. Waiting at the finish line while screaming support, I captured Rudy just getting beaten to second place in the sprint finish.



David Hall #5thNYC
It’s not about the winning, it never has been for me; but at this precise moment I felt a huge weight off my shoulders as if I had justified my position on the very team I was called captain, justified the bike and support we’d fostered by talking a good game and ultimately kick starting a season where I would focus on what my potential was as much as the potential of the team.



Pasquale Chionchio #5thLDN
Easy one for me, not a picture about cycling but about the spirit and the fun around it. Rudy and I were in charge to book the accomodation for our Dolomites trip. We came across this house which looked insane despite the distance from the routes we had in mind. The house was out of this world, could have been the perfect set for “Scarface goes skiing”. We had fun, we laughed, we ate, we drunk, ultimately we cycled around among the best mountains in the world. This picture shows just the daily banter.



Ryan Fisher #5thNYC
Sit tall in the saddle hold your head up high,
keep your eyes fixed where the trail meets the sky and live like you ain’t afraid to die,
don’t be scared just enjoy your ride.



Reece Wood #5thLDN
Racing the 2015 Red Hook Criterium Championship Series alongside my teammates was an absolute blast. Thanks to our amazing sponsors for making sure we were there on the start line… And thanks to Mr D A Trimble for putting on one hell of a roadshow. See you in 2016!



Angelo Calilap #5thNYC
It’s beyond the moment, sometimes. It’s the accumulated moments leading to that moment, filled with challenges, victories, losses, struggle, and joy, that make that instance, that moment. That. Much. Better.



Nikolay Koblov #5thNYC
A year later
Same pedals strokes
Different man



Rudy Melo #5thLDN
It’s hard to choose the best or favourite shot of 2015. There are so many to choose it from. But this one I took of the Stelvio is very special to me because when I got into cycling I came across a photo of this Pass and said to myself that I wanted to ride there one day. Back in July I rode the Stelvio from both sides. And to make it even better I had the pleasure to share that experience with my friends and team mates. What a ride it was. 106km with a 3,300 meters of climbing.