5th Kamp, so attributed its K as its been hosted by team member Koblov at his Kasa since its inception is now firmly a tradition. Don absolutely captured the spirit this year and 2016 will surely go down in the books as a vintage. Check out Don’s post here and follow #5thkamp2016 for many more images.

One of the things I look forward to every year is our team training camp. Teammate and friend, Nik, graciously hosts a few of us at his Kasa in the Catksill Mountains. There are a few things that are given every year during camp: The riding is exceptionally good and you’ll eventually hit a dirt road somewhere along the ride. There’s a lot of climbing. Although not particularly long climbs, they are definitely steep. Lastly and probably the most important thing is the food is always phenomenal. And with a few beer nerds on the team, the drink selection is always on point.

We’ve been riding the past couple of days with the second day being the most brutal at 64.7 miles with 6,729 ft of climbing. There was a 20% dirt climb in there somewhere if my legs remembers correctly. I was off the saddle on the last day and hopped in the van with Seth to take some photos.