It’s been talked about since 5thNYC started 4 years ago.

But finally it’s happening.

27/08/2018. New York and London are coming together.

This year’s camp will see a train of 21 green jerseys from both sides of the Atlantic descending on the Pyrenean countryside. There will be hard riding and just as hard drinking. This isn’t trip isn’t just about bikes, it’s about the food, the friends and a lot of local vino.

Read on to find out more…

The venue for this epic meet up is ZeroNeuf: The Pyrénées Cycling Retreat. Mike and Joss share our passion on many levels – cycling, coffee, beer, food and of course, chillin’.

All of this set in the idyllic Pyrenean foothills of France. Parfait!

Oh and they just happen to have an espresso machine serving Workshop Coffee – vingt-et-un café s’il vous plait.

Be sure to give @zeroneufcycling a follow and check them out next time you want a getaway.

The camp will be presented by our friends at Wahoo.

Each day will feature a daily sprint segment pre-loaded onto our ELEMNT BOLTs. These could be anything from a 20km time trial or a 5km hill sprint.

We’ll have daily winners and total up the time to find our overall leader and which team will take home the inaugural 5th Trophy – let the trash talk commence!


Luke Clark
Rudy Melo
Sophie Edmondson
Aoife Doherty
Petra Dolejsova
Pasquale Chionchio
George Garnier
Liam Yates
Reece Wood
Dave Hall
Chaz Kimble
Alex Blomeley


Angelo Calilap
Alex Lightman
Chris Pino
Rich Spencer
Trevor Raab
Owen Caprell
Don Nieva
Johnny Hsu
Josh Petri

‘Click-click-click-click-click’ – that’s all you’ll hear. Hiding in a bush, scaling a rock or leaning out of car. Angus is the master of the perfect angle.

Camp wouldn’t be camp with Angus Sung behind the lens. Photographer, soigneur, mechanic, chef and wine drinker, it’s always an honour to have him along.

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