Picked up Issue 12 of our original post on the matter is here!

According to athe article, Johnny’s Skid of 94 metres or 308 feet equated to…

11 double decker buses parked end to end
783 Mars Bars
The length of the Statue of Liberty from base of plinth to tip of crown
57 Victoria Pendletons stood atop one another
59 Charge lugs lined up against a wall
116 pairs of Cheap Monday stonewash jeans

who knew!?

Been hearing a lot of good things about these guys in the media over the past month. They come from the same stables as NS Bikes and also now Octane One so i have high hopes and expectations especially with a company ethos based firmly on amrrying style with craftsmanship. These should be available to buy from this week. Hotlines are the UK distriutor so expect to see it in the places you find NS Bikes such as Chain Reaction Cycles.

Model show in the Vinyl,
check out the full range here