A long time in conception. Massive thanks to Angus for his vision and mad skillz. Thanks to Dan Bunce and Lewis Hall.

Credit:  Angus Sung.

“Following 5th Floor rider, Scotland. Most notably famous for it’s golf course.”

I was fortunate enough to still be working under the 5th floor name while the initial talks of this video began. 
early a year ago Dave asked me about doing a short edit as a riders profile. He didn’t want another video that just saw him riding through traffic in the busy streets of London, so the plan was to head far north, back to Dave’s home town of St Andrews.

Beautiful location, great food, rubbish weather and a brilliant group of people. Sums up Scotland on most days.
Huge thanks to Dave for asking to do this video all those months ago, and huge thanks to all those that was involved in the making of this video.”
Angus Sung