Check out the first fixed gear shop in Brazil.
I have been in touch with Pablo from T and J, and I made sure that I will pay them a visit and go for a ride next time I go to Brazil.

Looks like they had a dope opening party.
Check out TAG and JUICE‘s blog too.
In support of the Cadence X DVS shoe shipping this June,
DVS and Cadence have partnered up on a global racing event designed to bring out the world’s strongest cyclists. With 12 major race events held in 12 major cities around the world,
Fast Forward is designed to draw the global cycling community together and shed light on some of the best underground riders. Winners from each race will have the opportunity to compete in the prestigious final race,
Fast Friday in San Francisco. To help promote the event, DVS has created a web site highlighting the details and sponsor information for each global race.

Click here for dates and details on Fast Forward.