In November I put together my Leader Mordecai and said I’d do a write up about my EighthInch Cranks.

So after nearly 2 months of riding them I don’t have that many bad things to say about them. £99 you get a pretty darn good crankset. I run 165mm but they do come in 160 and 170. Strong but light, I’ve not felt them give way or twist in any way.

I’m not sure if they intended for these cranks to be catered for those on a budget but like I said, for £99, you get a crankset that is as good if not better than any other BMX crank on the current market. I highly recommend them, I know Daniel who also has them thinks the same.

For UK purchases you can find them over at Fixed Gear Fenzy.

Thanks to Michael that had to put up with my constant emailing back and forth.