This weekend as well as attending the Cycle show we took on a practice run down to Brighton in preparation for our i collected the back of a car pulling a crazy manoeuvre into a petrol station, after giving the police the necessaries we kept on, but when i tore through my back tyre and Rudy blew out on an insane pot hole we knew the last train home was out of touch. This gave us the chance to enjoy some beers and a lot of mini Cheddars in a pub along the way before rocking into Brighton as the clubs were pouring out. Overall it was a great ride and were all pumped for the Halloween Ride.

Seems like we weren’t the only ones, Angus stayed in London and sessioned St Pauls, and its a rare occasion to get Angus from behind the camera…

This weekend Ady from 44/16 and some of the Bristol boys, rode to London. Sounds like an epic ride, nice one lads.

bristol to london