Saturday November 30th saw the 2nd round of the revolution series to come to my hometown of Glasgow. We were lucky enough to be invited along by Evans Cycles to watch the evenings racing and to have a good look at the new HOY bikes range. Which luckily enough for me meant I got to share 45 minutes on track with Sir Chris himself in order to have a closer look at the Fiorenzuola track bike in action.

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Many thanks to Sir Chris and Evans Cycles for the invite and to Stephen Hughes for the captures.

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Hot Bikes Demo

There were three new bikes on show the Fiorenzuola,
The Meadowbank junior 650c track bike and the Cammo 650c road bike. Now before I get into the detail of these bikes I think I should explain a little bit about the development of these bikes. There are many Brands of bike whohave just taken the name of a pro and branded there frames with it in order to boost sales,
let it be known this is not the case with Hoy bikes. When speaking with James one of the designers from Hoy bikes he happily admits Sir Chris has been involved in every stage of the design process from geometry to testing and choosing the right components to spec the full builds.

The Star of the show in a brand named after the most successful track cyclists of all time was always going to be the track bike. The Fiorenzuola,
named after the track in Italy where he took his first senior world cup medal. The frame is made of 6061 T6 triple butted aluminum tubing, made using Chris’s own geometry design and tube profiles to insure maximum stiffness. Matched up with a 1-1/8” carbon track fork with alu, steerer takes care of the front end making handling precise and fast which is also drilled for a brake incase you fancy taking it to the road. The next stand out thing for me on this build is the Sram Omnium cranks stiff durable and race proven you wont be upgrading these in a hurry. Q-lite sealed bearing track hubs and Kmc710 chain take care of the drive chain. The bike itself is designed to be an entry level Track bike that will be able to get you racing right out the box and priced at £750 you certainly get plenty bang for your buck. This will be ideal for a broad range of racing I’m sure if you wanted to get really serious you could slap a set of nice deep carbon race wheels on and compete all the way up to national level.

For the little people in your life they have also created two very special bikes in The Meadowbank 650c track bike and Cammo 650c road bike, aimed at 8/9 year olds this bike will get them into racing on a proper bike right from the start both bikes are based around a T6 aluminum frame with quality components to insure the price is kept realistic while maintaining good performance for years.

Keep your eyes peeled for the expanding Hoy bikes range with a Dura ace spec Fiorenzuola build on the cards, and a few other interesting developments coming through I’m sure there will be something for everyone’s wallet and pedigree.