My first ever memory of Martyn Ashton was when I first bought my first ever issue of MBUK magazine,
after getting my first mountain bike for christmas.  I remember him riding along fence somewhere in America on his blue and yellow Beast of the east Cannondale,
needless to say that poster in the magazine stayed on my bedroom wall for the next 5 years and only came down when I moved house or else it would still probably be above my bed to this day. Recently Martyn suffered “life changing” spinal injuries when he fell while attempting a stunt during a trials demo at the Moto GP at Silverstone earlier this month.  Im sure most of you have no doubt seen countless posts on face book and online about this.  I really from the bottom of my heart wish him and his family all the best at this tough time,  Without his inspiration my own life would not be complete.  I have met some of my closest friends and travelled a lot through trials riding and mountain biking which has led me to riding track bikes and road bikes and eventually onto being part of the 5th floor and without doubt I can trace all my passion for bikes back to Martyn and I can say this for a number of my friends.  We all wish you a speedy recovery and hope your back on your road bike smashing out back flips as soon as possible!



Get well soon mate!