Subin over at FLAM Company sent over a very interesting email to us.

I had a little read and seems like VagX will be dropping some new products very soon.

First up: VagX x Exelite.

Rightly named Lumisac.

Exelite are a American based company that produces products that help illuminate a cyclist or anyone else on the road. Working in Cycle Surgery a while back I remember selling their products to customers and are super bright, They illuminate the subject perfect and can be seen from over 800Metres away. Just as powerful as any lights on the market.

And I don’t need to tell you about VagX, We all know they make brilliant product.

Heres a few images of the VagX x Exelite.

Can be worn as a waist bag or over shoulder but for the light system to really be seen I’d suggest Over shoulder for full potential.

Second Product: VagX Stealth V2

Do you remember the first VagX Stealth collection. I personally loved them, Never got myself one but I heard some good stuff about it.

Now they’ve brought out 3 more.

Stealth Pouch:

Stealth Waist Bag:

Finally Rolltop Backpack

So there we go.

4 New amazing looking products from VagX, I really like them all, The roll top is by far my favourite and would love to get my hands on one, and if you do as well. Get yours at FLAM Company, and I’m sure Tokyo Fixed Gear will be getting them in as the UK dealer.