I’ve been after a new wheelset for longer than I can remember. The Charge Dish wheels took a hell of a beating so I thought it was time to replace them after the amount of abuse I put them through. So after much consideration I finally got around to getting my self a new set of wheels.

I dont really need to say much about the actually rims, We all know about the HPlusSon EEROs. If not read up on them.

My front hub is a Odyssey Vandero 2, which is just a legit BMX hub. Super strong and can take all the abuse you could imagine throwing at it.

The rear hub is the one I really want to talk about. I spent so long looking all over the market for a rear hub that I knew was going to last. The obvious option was to go for Profile,  but £200 for a rear hub seems a tad to much. So I had a look at what our buddies at ISON distribution had and came across a hub that I totally forgot about…All-City Sheriff.

Back in June 2009, I remember seeing these on Prolly and instantly feel for them. The design is clean and the overall look of them just made me want them. Their surprisingly light and impressively strong. I opted to keep to the alloy female axle option as I’m not going to be putting pegs on my bike, although you can get the steel male axle conversion kit for them.

I’ve had these wheels for 2 days and I can already feel the difference between these and my old Dish Wheels. Super happy with them. Thanks Mark at Tokyo Fixed for building them up for me, and thanks to Matt at ISON for getting the hub to me over night.

You can get EEROs, Odyssey Hub and All-city hub at Tokyo Fixed.