3 years ago I raced and won my first ever road race and it barely even registered…
Having arrived in the US in July 2012, MTB and  BMX.

I joined a local team; flying the 5th colors on the track, but racing for Ride Brooklyn on the road. I was mentored by a an incredibly well respected and helluva fast gent by the name of Al Barouh of Red Hook Crit fame who remains my friend and riding buddy to this day.

He’s there in the background cheering me through my first but the final sprint after dealing with all my “… but what if’s…?” on the drive to NJ.

I had never raced that circuit since… Until Saturday where myself, Angelo, Ryan, Pino and new guy Lightman making the full Cat 3 squad headed into our first Pro1,2,3 race of the season; and for a few of us including me our first race in that category.

There’s much to be said for fielding numbers in a race not for tactics nor odds of results but from the sheer fun and energy that comes from seeing your mates in your colors in the pack and sharing the stoke, stories and maple syrup afterwards.

Much has changed but you never forget your first, or your first again.

Here’s to the season.



Oh and I came 10th.
Photos: Angelo