Registration and extra details for the Red Bull Mini Drome event in London is now open! Sign up for one of the 105 slots here.

Red Bull introduces the world’s smallest velodrome to the UK fixed gear scene. On January 15, Red Bull Mini Drome will be coming to York Hall in London’s East End (York Hall, 5 Old Ford Road, Bethnal Green, London, E2 9PJ). In a UK first, Red Bull will be creating the world’s smallest velodrome to challenge fixed gear riders from across the capital.

Qualifying will start at 3pm and is open to over 100 competitors in a single timed race. Riders will be timed using the Velotrack Timing System. The 32 fastest riders in qualifying across the 10 laps will progress through the competition to the finals, which will be a single pursuit race format held from 7pm.

Rider Qualification starts – 15:00
Rider Qualification ends – 18:45
Rider Main draw starts – 19:00
Rider Main draw ends – 22:30

Red Bull Mini Drome track rules:
• Fixed Gear Bikes only
• No Gearing – Keep it small or you’ll ride off the wall
• All riders must sign a Red Bull competitor disclaimer
• Contestants will be disqualified if they don’t comply with the track rules


• Registration closes at 5pm, January 10, 2011.
• Open event to any age
• 105 qualification spots up for grabs