started by my friend Tom Sly. Since it began, he’s hand screen printed his own t-shirts and stickers and now he’s selling his own SHUTUPANDSKATE decks. 100% skater owned and made.

I remember Tom explaining where the name came from. He was fed up of going to the skatepark and kids spending more time talking about the make of their deck or the brand of their trainers than actually skating. Tom’s response… “SHUTUPANDSKATE!”

I like it. And I think fixed gear could learn a lot from the SHUTUPANDSKATE attitude. It’s easy to judge someone by their bike or components, I know I can be guilty of it. It’s definitely part of the culture, especially with NOS and vintage parts, but don’t let it get in the way of just riding your bike and having fun.

Anway, here’s a neat little edit from some of the SUAS skaters…