Review: Vans Sophie

As a massive fan of Vans as a brand, I was delighted to hear earlier this summer that the company would be bringing out a full new range of women’s footwear. Us girls can often get misrepresented in the skate, BMX and fixed scene; I was interested to see what they’d come up with, and to see if comfort, fit and durability would be totally compromised for style.

I’ve had these soft leather, Vans Sophie shoes in the black tan and cream colourway for over a month now, and I have to say they’ve stood up to the moderate abuse that my 5 mile daily commute to work results in. I was a little doubtful about the sole of the shoe – Vans claim that the shoe has the “waffle sole” as on all its classic favourites – but despite being of a lighter gauge of waffle than the classics, the shoes are able to flip my BMX-style pedals over, no problems son.

The design of the shoe is bang on for the latest in shoe fashion. In the style of what I like to call ‘the Man shoe’, the Sophie is comfortable, yet classy enough to be worn in the office and about town. Business casual: check.

Does the shoe have longevity? Jury’s out on that one really. In the time I’ve been wearing them, the shoe has had bare scuffs to the toes, the sides of the leather have worn a little from the metal studs on my pedals, and they’ve got both wet and dirrrty from all this shitty rain we’ve had. However, they’ve kept my feet dry, wipe clean and are generally as durable as the next pair of leather uppers.

The Sophie is a nice girl-specific addition to the Vans family, and could cause a bit of a stir this autumn when worn with the classic vintage look. I expect to see more tan leathers, tweeds, worn-in denims and heavy-gauge knitwear like merino wools with elbow patches, as the summer ebbs away. Lots more of that bright blue too. Check the shoes out below, along with some of my other favourites in officewear you can ride in.

‘Sophie’ shoes, by Vans;
One-pocket blue striped shirt, from Topshop;
‘Kimberley’ shorts, in black stonewash by Carhartt;
Plait belt, in tan leather, by Carhartt;
Black hat with stripe, by Knog;
‘Fernstein’ Sunglasses by Von Zipper;
Black all-weather gloves by Nike
‘Trixie’ watch by Nixon;
Rucksack (can convert to a handbag) from Kate Kanzier…(London’s best kept secret);
14 Bike Co custom build, based on the ‘Truman’ frame.

Tash: Wheelie on grass

Tash: wheelie on grass again