Ty over at the footdown sent over the details of the forhtcoming ‘OwlyCat’ he is hosting. Looks like an awesome event. Loving the new foot down branding too. Ty seems to have went out of his way to ensure this is open to EVERYONE so get down there and participate.

The Foot Down OwlyCat 2010 will take place on October 16th in Swansea, South Wales. The Foot Down OwlyCat 2010 is 25 miles hitting 5 checkpoints along a set route, a map of which is available on The Foot Down now to make sure that out-of-towners have plenty of time to familiarise themselves with it. Because of the set route local riders will have far less advantage than normal, the secret knowledge of backroads will be of no advantage here, the strongest rider will win.

As well as the race there will be the usual longest skid, trackstand and footdown comps followed by the prize giving and piss up.
Out of town riders are welcome to stay the night with locals for a day of hangover busting riding on the Sunday if they want.