DK is always coming out with the sickest edits.

via DK’s tumblr
So in the FGFS world there has been a lot of talk of 14mm axles and peg friendly hubs.

The Grime boys have been talking about it for a very long time and The Grime Thread over at Trick Track has been filled with people asking when the much talked about Sadio Hubs will drop.

And after a long wait,
here they are.

These things look legit. They look like they can take a beating,
and to prove that…The Grimes all ride on them.

They come with the standard 10mm axle but you can buy a 14mm convertor.

Along with the hubs being dropped today, Sadio came out with their Lockring and cogs as well.

Get any of the products above from The Grime Bigcartel.