I wont lie, we missed the Men’s Keirin Final. Which is our most regrettable moment of our weekend in Manchester.
We was already sat in the pub when we got news of this horrific crash in the Mens Keirin Final.
It was no surprise that we heard Chris Hoy took Gold but when we heard about the 5 man pile up on the last lap, I think I’m speaking for us all, we was pretty stunned.
Along with a lot of ripped jerseys and wood burnt skin, Awang suffered this horrific injury.

I wouldn’t exactly describe that as a splinter, more like a spear.

And heres the video to accompany the photo.

Some “Cool Runnings” action at the end as well.
We wish Awang and all the rest a fast recovery.
I’ll be uploading my coverage of the event very soon, so keep your eyes out for that.