Track or Treat 2 was a great success, great people. It’s amazing that there are consistently new faces every time we host a ride. In true 5th floor style our coverage is pretty rubbish, so here’s a before and after shot with some graphs to bore you. My iphone ran out of juice 41 miles in so i couldnt track the total ride. Top speed was 40.3 mph acording to someones computer which down a pitch black counry road was pretty gnarly. We made it 11 miles outside of Cambridge before a run in between a hed3 and b43 meant the ride was over for Matt (the hed3 won!) rather than leave him in the trenches we rode to Royston and took the last train home. Quik thanks to Shane and Tokyo Fixed for the loan of the exposure lights. I’ve got some go-pro footage that i’ll piece together into something resembling an edit! Cheers all.