A celebration of the Work Cyclist. There’s a different kind of relationship developing at work with people falling in love with riding their bikes all over again. We explore how the Work Cycle is beginning to shape the work spaces we journey to.

For the majority of cyclists, I’d guess the main use of their bike is getting to and from work.
The Work Cycle is beautiful site dedicated not only to the bikes that make that journey but the relationships and workplaces they form.

If I didn’t work where I do ( I would never have met Matt, he wouldn’t have introduced me to fixed gear and would never have been part of the 5th Floor.

Thanks to Mark (at work!) for the heads up.
Loving both of these clips right now. Such quality edits. and Mountains in the Mist is right up my alley!

This film is about the people of S.F.G.(Seoul Fixed Gear) and Seoul city. This story shows the people who are trying to blaze a trail for fixed gear in Seoul, a city in which bicycle culture has not yet been defined.