I’ve been absolutely desperate to shout from the rooftops about the man behind Vulpine is a proper genuine bloke who has developed a brand based out of a passion for cycling and an unshakeable tenacity to pursue a clothing line that is truly British in its understated style and technical craftsmanship. With the clever detailing tending to every cyclists needs – while attaining the holy grail of a garment that function as well off the bike as on your left in no doubt that this is the work of a man who has years experience behind bars -handlebars that is. This clothing doesn’t label you as a type of cyclist but beyond that doesn’t even label you as a cyclist – doesn’t make you qualify what your wearing in pursuit of your sport. I can’t imagine how Nick’s and his crew are feeling cos I’m proud for him and proud this is coming out of London.

I’ve been riding the Epic Cotton Rain jacket and the Merino T-Shirt and will be reporting full on these in the next few weeks. For the time being compromise is no longer necessary get over to the shop and get kitted out!