Click read more below for Rapha Super Cross words by Rudy Melo and photos by Jon Baines.

Up early and after a 4.5 hour drive, in Halifax, West Yorkshire.

With not much time to spare, I got myself ready, had a quick warm up with one practice lap to see what the course was like (HARD!!!) and then lined with with the other 110+ riders.

I am not the most experienced cross rider, but one thing I know is that having a good start is very important. I got a good place at the start line, but after a massive crash on the first straight, which I got caught behind, left me in the middle of the field. I ended up staying there throughout the whole race, I went back and forth with a few riders but maintained my position. The course was HARD, hilly, technical and long.

As I was going back the next day for round 2, I had a quick warm down on the rollers then we headed to the hotel. Little do the hotel staff know, after my shower I cleaned my bike in the bath.

After a cheeky Nando’s (safest option when not knowing where to eat) and the cheapest round of beer I have ever ordered, it was time to get ready for bed and mentally prepare for the next day.

The same course, same off camber corners, same long gravel climb, same stairs and much more mud were there waiting for me and my team mate Alex Blomeley.

I had a great start this time, sitting in the top 10, then after a shit mid race and a better end of the race I ended up 38th out of 88th. Meh! But I still had a blast. Thank you Rapha for putting up a great event! Gutted I cannot make the round 3 in London, but Alex will be there dropping hammers for me.

Photos by Jon Baines.
Words by Rudy Melo.