Super Cross is defined through the years by its weather, ‘remember that year when…’

This year was to be no different. After a dry and temperate season we were treated to the first truly muddy race of the year.

With late November cross fatigue setting in for many the sudden need to tune into a mud race was a shock to the system.
My own season feeling like it was just hitting some kind of Rhythm and the inclusion of a late in the day 3/4 race which often takes a back seat to the 2/3/4 I saw the opportunity to take away something.

Ryan was kind enough to wait around after his own race that was cut short by one too many hard slams on a challenging course that favored the initial brave and then became about attrition as those around succumbed to the mud.

My race however was to take on a rather different character, being a rather trim 26 minutes in the face of a dipping sun it was all out from the gun after leading for a portion I crossed the race in 5th with 1 upgrade point and the #davecave ensued.

After spending almost double the race time cleaning the bikes day 2 would see myself, Seth and Ryan in the 2/3/4 race under the scrutiny of Don’s lens. Ryan rounded out an incredible season with 9th.

None of us had planned for this to be the last race of our 2016 Cyclocross assault but the rigors of the weekend represented a natural bookend to collectively our most successful campaign thus far.

so….. #roadiscoming ?

2014, 2013 reports can be read here.

Thanks to Don for the images.